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Samy Kamkar samyk

explo(r|it)ing boundaries

Los Angeles, California

John Papa johnpapa, LLC Orlando, FL

Benjamin Lupton balupton

Developer since 1998, JavaScript & PHP since 2005, JavaScript & Node.js since 2010. Founded @Bevry. Actively seeking remote freelance & employment opportunities

@Bevry Australia

isaacs isaacs

npm inventor and CEO. Early contributor and former BDFL of Node.js. Author of many JavaScripts. Been making internets for a pretty long time.

npm, Inc. Oakland CA

Fosco Marotto gfosco

Facebook San Francisco, CA

Kashyap Krishnakumar kashyapkumar

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Gina Trapani ginatrapani

Director of Engineering @postlight / Founder @ThinkUpLLC

Postlight / ThinkUp, LLC Brooklyn, NY

Reeze Xia reeze


Bytedance, Inc Beijing, China

Rasmus Lerdorf rlerdorf

Etsy Probably on a plane

Anne-Gaelle Colom agcolom

Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster, Content Lead and at-large director for the jQuery Foundation

University of Westminster London

Jacob Rossi jacobrossi

Engineer on the web platform team at Microsoft.

@Microsoft Seattle