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Kirby Plugins

The unofficial plugin list for Kirby CMS.

In this repository a plugin is anything related to Kirby, that is not a theme.

Types (weak colors):

Label Docs Description
Blueprint Docs Blueprints for the panel
Controller Docs Logic taken out from the templates
Core Docs Fork of the Kirby core
Field Docs Form fields for the panel
Misc - Things that does not belong anywhere else
Model Docs Extended page object
Plugin - Plugins for Kirby
Snippet Docs Template parts
Tag Docs Kirbytext tags for the content
Template Docs Kirby templates

Groups (strong colors):

Label Description
Commercial Costs money
Panel For the Kirby Panel
Screenshot Plugin with screenshot
Stable Approved as stable in the official Kirby plugin repo.
Stable Anything that is not a complete version.
Audio, Bootstrap, Cache, Calendar, Date, E-commerce, Editor, Embed, Feed, Font, Form, Foundation, Geolocation, Hook, Icon, Image, Less, Pagination, Podcast, Redirect, Sass, Security, Sitemap, Social, Statistics, Table, Tabs, Tool, Text, Time, Unique, Users, Video

Label groups

You can also search for the plugin.

Submit a plugin

  1. Search for the plugin to make sure it does not already exist.
  2. Add the plugin.
  3. Don't close the issue.

You can only add labels if you are a collaborator. I can change the privileges when needed.

Report a plugin

If the plugin is broken, is malware or is duplicate (already exists in the plugin list), add a comment in the plugin issue. If others agree, we can label it. Don't close the issue!


The requirement for using these plugins is Kirby 2. If you are still using Kirby 1 (which is now deprecated) we encourage you to update for compatibility and security reasons.


This repository does not take any responsibility for the harm the plugins can do.

Other resources

Kirby themes

Kirby themes - the unofficial theme list for Kirby CMS.

Special thanks to

I would like to give a special thanks to @aoimedia that has been deeply involved in this thing. I would also like to thank everyone that contributes to this repo, one way or the other.