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Convert a Illustrator file into HTML and CSS
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Use Illustrator to export HTML and CSS in one JavaScript action.

This is a very early verison. So im not a programmer. I Hope someone can help me with this idea. Many things are not implemented yet.

How it works
1. Download the jsx file
2. Open Illustrator
3. Prepare you file: Use Layers for the HTML-Tags. Make one main Layer called body
4. Save your file (Just for getting sure. Illustrator and my script aren't very stable)
5. Chose File > Script > Other Script ... and choose the saved tohtmlcss.jsx file
6. Chose your Doctype and Language
7. In the folder of your saved Ai you will find a index.html and a style.css 

* Layername will be Tagname body -> <body></body>
* tagname.something -> <tagname class="something"></tagname>
* tagname#something -> <tagname id="something"></tagname>
* Combination of the both are also possible
* Layers can be ordered in sublayers
* Layer named img generate an empty img tag and content will be ignored 
* Path with the name background are used to generate CSS with background and width information
* Lines with border-[top|bottom|left|right] are used for CSS border attribut
* Every paragraph and character style will be converted to CSS

* naming own folder for css
* naming filename for index.html and style.css
* Optional creating these folders
* Export caracter format
* slice img layers automatical
* generate true css margin and padding
* generate buttons
* generate inputs
* Shadow/inner Shadow
* Hover/active
* Problems with illustrator effects
* export TextFrames with Inline Styles
* Better calculating the width
* CSS Attribut width without background
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