A GSM enabled GPS tracker for NXP LPC11U24
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LPC11U24 GPS Tracker

This project if firmware for a GSM enabled GPS Tracker.

The project uses CMSIS and compiles with the Yagarto toolchain.


This project uses the my standard Makefile. The following make targets are available:

make all = Build elf file
make bin = Build and convert to binary file. Also shows size information and removes intermediate files
make crc = Build, convert to binary and add checksum
make flash = Build, convert to binary, add checksum and copy to USB device
make size = Show size usage
make objdump = Dump objects and memory map to objdump.txt
make clean = Clean project files.

Flashing from Makefile

The make flash will attempt to find a filesystem mounted as CRP DISABLD, then unmount the filesystem and copy the binary data to the device starting at sector 4. In order to use it, do this:

  1. Connect MCU and turn on in USB ISP mode.
  2. Wait for the CRP DISABLD disk to be mounted.
  3. make flash
  4. Reset MCU

Manual flashing can be done by identifying the device for the CRP DISABLD disk, unmounting it and then copying data:

$ df -h
$ diskutil unmount /dev/disk1
$ sudo dd if=gpstracker.bin of=/dev/disk1 seek=4

Eclipse issues

In order to work properly as an Eclipse project (Makefile Project with Existing Code), the following changes have been made:

  1. Project -> Properties -> C/C++ General -> Paths and Symbols -> Includes
    Added /Users/jenswilly/Yagarto/yagarto-4.7.1/arm-none-eabi/include
  2. Project -> Properties -> C/C++ General -> Paths and Symbols -> Symbols
    Added symbol __GNUC__ with value 1

The changes are not necessary for building, but they are necessary for indexing and syntax check to work correctly.