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* Elgg upgrade script.
* This script triggers any necessary upgrades. If the site has been upgraded
* to the most recent version of the code, no upgrades are run and the caches
* are flushed. If you would prefer that this script is not accessible to others
* after an upgrade, you can delete it. Future versions of Elgg will include a
* new version of the script. Deleting the script is not a requirement and
* leaving it behind does not affect the security of the site.
* @package Elgg.Core
* @subpackage Upgrade
// we want to know if an error occurs
ini_set('display_errors', 1);
define('UPGRADING', 'upgrading');
require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . "/engine/start.php");
if (get_input('upgrade') == 'upgrade') {
// disable the system log for upgrades to avoid exceptions when the schema changes.
elgg_unregister_event_handler('log', 'systemlog', 'system_log_default_logger');
elgg_unregister_event_handler('all', 'all', 'system_log_listener');
if (elgg_get_unprocessed_upgrades()) {
elgg_trigger_event('upgrade', 'system', null);
} else {
// if upgrading from < 1.8.0, check for the core view 'welcome' and bail if it's found.
// see
// we're not checking the view itself because it's likely themes will override this view.
// we're only concerned with core files.
$welcome = dirname(__FILE__) . '/views/default/welcome.php';
if (file_exists($welcome)) {
// can't have pretty messages because we don't know the state of the views.
$content = elgg_echo('upgrade:unable_to_upgrade_info');
$title = elgg_echo('upgrade:unable_to_upgrade');
echo elgg_view_page($title, $content);
echo elgg_view_page(elgg_echo('upgrading'), '', 'upgrade');