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PressWork Changelog
Version 01/26/2012
- Updated to comply with requests
- Enqueued styles in header
- Enqueued Farbtastic script in footer
- Replaced TEMPLATEPATH with get_template_directory()
Version 1.0.4 01/26/2012
- Updated for WordPress 3.3
- Removed title attribute from header logo
- Fixed layout toolbox arrow location
- Fixed issue with included images being 100% wide
- Added autocomplete to form
- Updated stylesheet
- Remove font-option code
- Added new font preview and selector (Michal Bluma)
- Added save validation
- Added pw_option action to toolbox
- Removed header tags from extended footer widgets
- Fixed hard coded content margin in footer scripts
- Moved load theme textdomain function
- Improved code for child themes with full width header & footer
- Changed hooks border to a box shadow
- Added excerpt length to columns function
- Rewrote post actions, created pw_post_header(), pw_post_content(), pw_post_footer()
- Rewrote columns function with new post loop
- Removed comment section if comments closed
- Fixed drop down issue
- Removed effects.js and all references
- Cleaned up jQuery
- Fixed social icon layout positioning
- Added background size to header image in media queries
- Fixed content and margin header/footer resize issue (Michael Riethmuller)
- Fixed second sidebar width issue (Michael Riethmuller)
- Added closing slash to link tags in header
Version 1.0.3 09/01/2011
- Fix for webkit list issue
- Improved columns function
- Fixed syntax bug in site header
- Fixed width issue when adding sidebar
- Added home page action for featured/sticky query
- Changed slideshow image to full size
- Updated toolbox function for child theme support
- Added donate button to admin page
- Updated language files
Version 1.0.2 08/11/2011
- Updated code for child theme requirements
- Fixed missing textdomain on text elements
- Updated language files
- Updated sprite.png for new slideshow icons
- Updated slideshow code and CSS
- Removed default Flickr widget as per requirements
- Prefixed all functions with "pw_"
Version 1.0.1 08/08/2011
- Small CSS fixes for IE9
- Added odd/even class to front page posts for CSS
- Added resource links to contextual help menu in admin
- Updated the PW admin page styles and content
- Updated language files
- Added PHP comments to all page templates
- Added Google+, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon to social icons
- Added default menu and sidebar widgets for preview
- Updated welcome screen
Version 1.0 08/02/2011
Official Release