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Developed & Maintained by

Thank you for downloading AmplifyJS @VERSION! This folder contains the full distribution of 
the AmplifyJS library including source and minified versions.

AmplifyJS is dual licensed under either the MIT or GPL licenses. Both licenses have been included
in the AmplifyJS download (and should be in the same folder as this file). View MIT-LICENSE.txt or 
GPL-LICENSE.txt for further details. Additional licensing questions may be directed to or

[Including AmplifyJS In Your Project]
- To include all AmplifyJS components : Copy amplify.min.js into the appropriate location such as 
  /js/ and reference it via a <script> tag. This file includes all of the latest versions of the 
  AmplifyJS components. ( For help in debugging or to use your own 
  compression utility, amplify.js is also provided.

- To include individual AmplifyJS components : Copy the appropriate /individual/amplify.<component>.min.js
  into your project and include it with a <script> tag. (Unminified versions are available in the 
  /src/<component> folder).

For more information about AmplifyJS and the open source community surrounding it, please