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jQuery Chrony - A Count Down Plugin
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jQuery Chrony - A Count Down Plugin -

jQuery Chrony is a plugin that creates a chronometer.


The jQuery Chrony is licensed under The MIT License


@version        0.2.0
@since          2011.10.23
@author         Washington Botelho

Required Files

  • jquery.chrony.min.js

Default values

alert          : { second: 10 } // Attributes color, hour, minute and second to configure the alert.
blink          : false          // Enables the colon blink.
blinkTime      : 130            // Time spent to blink the colon.
finish         : undefined      // Callback function to be executed when the time ends.
decrement      : 1              // Number of seconds used to decrement the time.
displayHours   : true           // Display or not the hours on clock. 
displayMinutes : true           // Display or not the minutes on clock.
displaySeconds : true           // Display or not the seconds on clock.
hour           : 0              // Number of hours initial.
hours          : undefined      // Number of hours initial auto adjusted to max if needed.
minute         : 0              // Number of minutes initial.
minutes        : undefined      // Number of minutes initial auto adjusted to hour if needed.
second         : 0              // Number of seconds initial.
seconds        : undefined      // Number of seconds initial auto adjusted to minute if needed.
text           : undefined      // Time written out in full using the following mask: HH:mm:ss.

Usage with default values

$('#time').chrony({ hour: 1, minute: 2, second: 3 });

<div id="time"></div>

Buy me a coffee

You can do it by PayPal. Thanks! (:


Daniel Faria Léo Hackin

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