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Development docs

Set if scripts to easily build webfonts from SVG images



(!) Use Ubuntu 12.04. Or you will have to manually install fresh freetype library, to build ttfautohint.

Install dependencies (fontforge & python modules):

sudo make dev-deps

Build additional software (ttf2eot, ttfautohint):

make support


TBD. Anyone, please help.


TBD. Anyone, please help.

Making font


  1. Place images into /src/svg folder.
  2. Add image info to config.yml (see comments in it)
  3. Edit css/html templates, if needed.
  4. Run make

Generated data will be placed in ./font

You can rebuild css/html only with make html

SVG image requirements

Any image will be proportionnaly scaled, to fit height in ascent-descent It's convenient to make height = 1000px. Default font baseline will be 20% from the bottom.

In most cases it's ok to visually allign icons to middle line, not to baseline. If you are not shure, how to start - make image with 10% top/bottom padding. Then generate demo page and tune scale/offset.