WordPress plugin to use Google Analytics to track your site statistics.
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WP Google Analytics

Lets you use Google Analytics to track your WordPress site statistics. Brought to you by Range


WP Google Analytics makes it easy to track your site's usage, with lots of helpful additional data.


  • Uses Google's asynchronous tracking method which is faster and more reliable.
  • Automatically tracks site speed
  • Option to log outgoing links as events
  • Option to log 404 errors as events
  • Use custom variables in Google Analytics to track additional data on pageviews including:
    • Author
    • Categories
    • Tags
    • Context (such as home, category, post, author, etc)
    • Date
    • Logged in
    • Anything - Use the built-in filter to add your own!
  • Allows you to ignore any user roles (administrators, editors, authors, etc)


Use automatic installer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I put my Google Analytics Code?

WP Google Analytics has a config page under the settings tab in the admin area of your site. You can paste your tracking code from Google into the textarea on this page.

How do I track searches?

WP Google Analytics used to help you track site searches before Google Analytics started doing this natively. While we still support tracking searches for backwards compatibility, this feature has been deprecated and will eventually be removed. To track searches in Google Analytics follow this Google support article. WordPress uses 's' as the query parameter.

Can't I just paste the Google Analytics code into my template file?

Absolutely, however in order to get a better idea of what is going on with your site, it is often nice to have your own activities ignored, track 404s, searches and even where users go when they leave your site. WP Google Analytics lets you easily do all these things.

What tokens are support for custom variables?

All the built-in tokens are described on the settings page. You can also add your own using the 'wga_tokens' filter.



  • Fix undefined index notice for users upgrading from pre-1.3.0


  • Support for tokens in custom variables


  • Fixed custom variables not being tracked


  • Refactored to use settings API - Props danielbachhuber
  • Convert to singleton and instatiate class
  • Convert tracking code field to ID, keeping backwards compat - Props danielbachhuber
  • Custom variable support - Props danielbachhuber
  • Track outgoing links and 404s as events
  • Made the whole plugin translatable
  • Deprecated tracking searches


  • Fixed some notices. Props westi
  • Update all links


  • Removed the optional anonymous statistics collection. Nothing is ever collected anymore.
  • Changed & to & in some more places to fix validation problems.


  • Changed & to & to fix validation problems.


  • Fixed problem with code affecting Admin Javascript such as the TinyMCE editor


  • Bug fix for the stats gathering


  • No longer parses outgoing links in the admin section.
  • Uses get_footer instead of wp_footer. Too many themes aren't adding the wp_footer call.
  • Options page updated
  • Added optional anonymous statistics collection


  • Major revamp to work better with the new Google Tracking Code. It seems that outgoing links weren't being tracked properly.


  • Added to wordpress.org repository


  • Fixed problem with themes that do not call wp_footer(). If you are reading this and you are a theme developer, USE THE HOOKS! That's what they're there for!
  • Updated how the admin section is handled


  • Original Version