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RxAppState is deprecated. No more development will be taking place.

Use Google's ProcessLifecycleOwner instead which is part of Android Architecture Components.

An implementation can be as simple as:

public class AppLifecycleListener implements LifecycleObserver {

    public void onAppDidEnterForeground() {
        // ...

    public void onAppDidEnterBackground() {
       // ...

Register the observer like this:

ProcessLifecycleOwner.get().getLifecycle().addObserver(new AppLifecycleListener());

Here is a great blog post that explains it in more detail: Detecting when an Android app backgrounds in 2018

RxAppState Build Status

A simple, reactive Android library based on RxJava that monitors app state changes.
It notifies subscribers every time the app goes into background and comes back into foreground.

A typical use case is, for example, session tracking for analytics purposes or suppressing push notifications when the app is currently visible to the user.


Android has this ancient pain of not providing any type of callback to know if your app is currently in the foreground or background. It is lacking an equivalent of the iOS UIApplicationDelegate which offers callbacks like applicationDidEnterBackground and applicationDidBecomeActive.

There are two popular discussions on this topic on StackOverflow:

This library internally uses a combination of ActivityLifecycleCallbacks and the onTrimMemory(int level) callback to identify the current app state.
Just check out the source code (mainly: DefaultAppStateRecognizer). The implementation is dead simple.


You most probably want to monitor for app state changes in your application's onCreate() method in which case you also don't need to worry about unregistering your AppStateListener. Remember that if you subscribe in an Activity or a Fragment, don't forget to unsubscribe to avoid memory leaks.

AppStateMonitor appStateMonitor = RxAppStateMonitor.create(this);
appStateMonitor.addListener(new AppStateListener() {
    public void onAppDidEnterForeground() {
        // ...

    public void onAppDidEnterBackground() {
        // ...


Check out the sample project for an example implementation.


Grab it via Gradle:

dependencies {
  compile 'com.jenzz.appstate:appstate:3.0.1'

Note: There are adapters available for RxJava and RxJava2.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.


[DEPRECATED] A simple Android library that monitors app state changes (background / foreground).




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