Library written in "Free Pascal" to generate PDF files on Desktop Applications, Web and Mobile. It was based on FPDF PHP.
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jepafi Fixed memleak by Mark Douglas
UTF8Decode to UTF8ToUTF16 by Jean Patrick
Virtual procedures for Header and Footer by Jean Patrick

Signed-off-by: Jean Patrick <>
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This is version 1.33 Stable of the library "Free JPDF Pascal".

New's in Version 1.33:
- Added the method SetUTF8 to support UTF8. This method automatically 
  applies the text function UTF8Decode. See the end of the second 
  page of the PDF sample.

New's in Version 1.32:
	- Fixed definitely the mistake with the decimal point (especially on Windows);

	- Some corrections were made for performance (speed of generation and memory usage) mentioned here in the forum. For example, were removed SetLength with very high initial values​​. Now were as follows:
	   SetLength(Self.offsets, 3);
	   SetLength(Self.pages, 1);
	   SetLength(Self.OrientationChanges, 1);

	The sample is generated in less than 240 milliseconds.

	New methods have been present since version 1.31:


	The last two are for use in applications CGI with fcl-web or fp-web. Thus:

	To view the Browser (Adobe plugin):

	AResponse.ContentType := 'application/pdf';
	AResponse.ContentStream := JPDF1.CreateContentStream(csToViewBrowser);

	or simply:

	AResponse.ContentType := 'application/pdf';
	AResponse.ContentStream := JPDF1.CreateContentStream;

	To download directly from the Browser:

	AResponse.ContentType := 'application/x-download';
	AResponse.ContentStream := JPDF1.CreateContentStream(csToDownload);


- Support Image (JPG or JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP);
- Support the main fonts (Helvetica [Arial], Times, Courier, Symbol and Zapfdingbats);
- Support the styles (bold, italic and/or underline);
- Various sizes of paper (A3, A4, A5, Legal and Letter);
- Select unit of measure (pt, in, cm e mm);
- Wrapping page or not;
- Text with all types of alignment;
- Power load a text file that is included in the PDF, with line breaks and page automatic (justified, left, right or center);
- Write free text (in any position on the sheet);
- Create tables with the Cell Method;
- Support for line color, background and text;
- Support for border line;
- Possibility to change the orientation (portrait or landscape) of the pages in the same document;
- Support compression (creates smaller PDF);
- Methods to draw rectangles and lines;
- Supports Headers and Footers (to use you need to create a child class, as well as the FPDF PHP);
- Create barcodes (i25) for bank bills;

New's in Version 1.2:
- Fixed problem with method Code25 generated incorrect barcodes;

New's in Version 1.1:
- Fixed problem with underlining of irregular size;
- Fixed problem with multicell underlined;
- Fixed problem with text smaller than a multicell line;

New's in Version 1.0 Stable:
- The method fpdf moved to Create;
- No need to call the Open after Create;
- Use enumerators in various methods (Gilson Nunes);
- Solved problem with the decimal point in Windows (Gilson Nunes);
- Reduced the number of IF's (from the FPDF) due to the use of enumerators;
- Some internal methods were removed because it became unnecessary;
- Use variable names more readable;
- Support for standard colors (cBlack, cSilver, cred, etc.);
- Support underlined text (see example);
- New method SetRightMargin;
- New method SetUnderline;
- New method Writer (Write the same as FPDF), lets you change the font style in the same paragraph (only left alignment);
- New method Code25 to create barcodes for bank bills (see example);