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"Implements a bank-account test, where we transfer amounts between a pool of
accounts, and verify that reads always see a constant amount."
(:require [ :refer [info]]
[clojure.string :as str]
[dom-top.core :refer [disorderly with-retry assert+]]
[jepsen.dgraph [client :as c]
[trace :as t]]
[jepsen [client :as client]
[generator :as generator]]
[ :as bank])
(:import (io.dgraph TxnConflictException)))
(def pred-count "Number of predicates to stripe keys and values across."
(defn multi-pred-acct->key+amount
"Takes a query result like {:key_0 1 :amount_2 5} and returns [1 5], by
pattern-matching key_ and amount_ prefixes."
(fn [[key amount] [pred value]]
(condp re-find (name pred)
#"^key_" (do (assert (not key)
(str "Record " (pr-str record)
" contained unexpected multiple keys!"))
[value amount])
#"^amount_" (do (assert (not amount)
(str "Record " (pr-str record)
" contained unexpected multiple amounts!"))
[key value])
[key amount]))
[nil nil]
(defn read-accounts
"Given a transaction, reads all accounts. If a type predicate is provided,
finds all accounts where that type predicate is \"account\". Otherwise, finds
all accounts across all type predicates. Returns a map of keys to amounts."
;; All predicates
(t/with-trace "read-accounts"
(->> (c/gen-preds "type" pred-count)
(map (partial read-accounts t))
(reduce merge))))
;; One predicate in particular
([t type-predicate]
(t/with-trace "read-accounts "
(let [q (str "{ q(func: eq(" type-predicate ", $type)) {\n"
(->> (concat (c/gen-preds "key" pred-count)
(c/gen-preds "amount" pred-count))
(str/join "\n"))
(->> (c/query t q {:type "account"})
;;((fn [x] (info :read-val (pr-str x)) x))
(map multi-pred-acct->key+amount)
(into (sorted-map)))))))
(defn find-account
"Finds an account by key. Returns an empty account when none exists."
[t k]
(t/with-trace "find-account"
(let [kp (c/gen-pred "key" pred-count k)
ap (c/gen-pred "amount" pred-count k)]
(let [r (-> (c/query t
(str "{ q(func: eq(" kp ", $key)) { uid "
kp " " ap " } } ")
{:key k})
(if r
;; Note that we need :type for new accounts, but don't want to update
;; it normally.
{:uid (:uid r)
:key (get r (keyword kp))
:amount (get r (keyword ap))}
;; Default account object when none exists
{:key k
:type "account"
:amount 0})))))
(defn write-account!
"Writes back an account map."
[t account]
(t/with-trace "write-account"
(let [k (assert+ (:key account))
kp (c/gen-pred "key" pred-count k)
ap (c/gen-pred "amount" pred-count k)
tp (c/gen-pred "type" pred-count k)]
(if (zero? (:amount account))
(c/delete! t (-> account
(select-keys [:uid])
(assoc (keyword tp) nil),
(assoc (keyword kp) nil),
(assoc (keyword ap) nil)))
(c/mutate! t (-> account
(select-keys [:uid])
(assoc (keyword tp) (:type account))
(assoc (keyword kp) (:key account))
(assoc (keyword ap) (:amount account))))))))
(defrecord Client [conn]
(open! [this test node]
(t/with-trace ""
(assoc this :conn (c/open node))))
(setup! [this test]
;; Set up schemas
(t/with-trace "bank.setup"
(->> (concat
;; Key schemas
(map (fn [pred]
(str pred ": int @index(int)"
(when (:upsert-schema test)
" @upsert")
" .\n"))
(c/gen-preds "key" pred-count))
;; Type schemas
(map (fn [pred]
(str pred ": string @index(exact) .\n"))
(c/gen-preds "type" pred-count))
;; Amount schemas
(map (fn [pred]
(str pred ": int .\n"))
(c/gen-preds "amount" pred-count)))
(c/alter-schema! conn))
(info "Schema altered")
;; Insert initial value. This tends to fail a lot.
(c/with-txn [t conn]
(let [k (first (:accounts test))
tp (keyword (c/gen-pred "type" pred-count k))
kp (keyword (c/gen-pred "key" pred-count k))
ap (keyword (c/gen-pred "amount" pred-count k))
r {kp k
tp "account",
ap (:total-amount test)}]
(info "Upserting" r)
(c/upsert! t kp r))))))
(invoke! [this test op]
(t/with-trace "bank.invoke"
(c/with-conflict-as-fail op
(c/with-txn [t conn]
(case (:f op)
:read (t/with-trace ""
(let [op (assoc op
:type :ok
:value (read-accounts t))]
(if-let [error (let [accts (set (:accounts test))
total (:total-amount test)
negative-balances? false]
(bank/check-op accts total negative-balances? op))]
(let [message (merge error (t/context))
message (dissoc message :op)]
(t/attribute! "checker_violation" "true")
(assoc op
:message message
:error :checker-violation))
:transfer (t/with-trace "bank.invoke.transfer"
(let [{:keys [from to amount]} (:value op)
[from to] (disorderly
(find-account t from)
(find-account t to))
_ (info :from (pr-str from))
_ (info :to (pr-str to))
from' (update from :amount - amount)
to' (update to :amount + amount)]
(write-account! t from')
(write-account! t to'))
(if (neg? (:amount from'))
;; Whoops! Back out! Hey let's write some garbage just
;; to make things fun.
(write-account! t (update from' :amount - 1000))
(write-account! t (update to' :amount - 1000))
(c/abort-txn! t)
(assoc op :type :fail, :error :insufficient-funds))
(assoc op :type :ok)))))))))
(teardown! [this test])
(close! [this test]
(c/close! conn)))
(defn workload
"Stuff you need to build a test!"
(merge (bank/test)
{:client (Client. nil)}))