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(ns jepsen.dgraph.set
"Does a bunch of inserts; verifies that all inserted triples are present in a
final read."
(:require [ :refer [info warn]]
[dom-top.core :refer [with-retry]]
[knossos.op :as op]
[jepsen.dgraph [client :as c]
[trace :as t]]
[jepsen [client :as client]
[checker :as checker]
[generator :as gen]]))
(defrecord Client [conn]
(open! [this test node]
(assoc this :conn (c/open node)))
(setup! [this test]
(c/alter-schema! conn (str "jepsen-type: string @index(exact)"
(when (:upsert-schema test) " @upsert")
" .\n"
"value: int .\n"))
(catch Throwable t
(warn t "caught during alter-schema")
(throw t))))
(invoke! [this test op]
(c/with-conflict-as-fail op
(c/with-txn [t conn]
(case (:f op)
:add (let [inserted (c/mutate! t {:jepsen-type "element",
:value (:value op)})]
(assoc op :type :ok, :uid (first (vals inserted))))
:read (->> (c/query t "{ q(func: eq(jepsen-type, $type)) { uid, value } }"
{:type "element"})
(map :value)
(assoc op :type :ok, :value))))))
(teardown! [this test])
(close! [this test]
(c/close! conn)))
(defn workload
"Stuff you need to build a test!"
{:client (Client. nil)
:checker (checker/set)
:generator (->> (range)
(map (fn [i] {:type :invoke, :f :add, :value i}))
(gen/stagger 1/10))
:final-generator (gen/each (gen/once {:type :invoke, :f :read}))})
; This variant uses a single UID to store all values.
(defrecord UidClient [conn uid successfully-read?]
(open! [this test node]
(assoc this :conn (c/open node)))
(setup! [this test]
(c/alter-schema! conn (str "value: [int] .\n"))
(c/with-txn [t conn]
(deliver uid (first (vals (c/mutate! t {:value -1}))))))
(info "UID is" @uid))
(invoke! [this test op]
(c/with-conflict-as-fail op
(case (:f op)
:add (t/with-trace "set-add"
(let [inserted (c/with-txn [t conn]
(t/attribute! "value" (str (:value op)))
(c/mutate! t {:uid @uid
:value (:value op)}))]
(assoc op :type :ok, :uid @uid)))
:read (let [r (c/with-txn [t conn]
(let [found (->> (c/query t
(str "{ q(func: uid($u)) { "
"uid, value } }")
{:u @uid}))
_ (info :found found)
found (->> found
(mapcat :value)
(remove #{-1}) ; Our sentinel
(into (sorted-set)))]
(deliver successfully-read? true)
(assoc op :type :ok, :value r)))))
(teardown! [this test])
(close! [this test]
(c/close! conn)))
(defn uid-workload
"A variant which stores every value associated with the same UID and avoids
using any indices."
(let [successfully-read? (promise)]
(assoc (workload opts)
:client (UidClient. nil (promise) successfully-read?)
:final-generator (->> (fn [_ _]
(when-not (realized? successfully-read?)
{:type :invoke, :f :read}))
(gen/stagger 20)))))