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(ns jepsen.stolon.db
"Database setup and automation."
(:require [cheshire.core :as json]
[clojure [pprint :refer [pprint]]
[string :as str]]
[ :as io]
[ :refer [info warn]]
[dom-top.core :refer [disorderly
[jepsen [control :as c]
[core :as jepsen]
[db :as db]
[util :as util :refer [meh random-nonempty-subset]]]
[jepsen.control.util :as cu]
[ :as cn]
[jepsen.etcd.db :as etcd]
[jepsen.os.debian :as debian]
[jepsen.stolon [client :as sc]]
[slingshot.slingshot :refer [try+ throw+]]))
(def dir "/opt/stolon")
(def data-dir (str dir "/data"))
(def user
"The OS user which will run Stolon, postgres, etc."
(def sentinel-logfile (str dir "/sentinel.log"))
(def sentinel-pidfile (str dir "/"))
(def sentinel-bin "stolon-sentinel")
(def keeper-logfile (str dir "/keeper.log"))
(def keeper-pidfile (str dir "/"))
(def keeper-bin "stolon-keeper")
(def proxy-logfile (str dir "/proxy.log"))
(def proxy-pidfile (str dir "/"))
(def proxy-bin "stolon-proxy")
(def cluster-name "jepsen-cluster")
(def just-postgres-log-file
(defn install-pg!
"Installs postgresql"
[test node]
; Install apt key
(c/exec :wget :--quiet :-O :- "" c/| :apt-key :add :-)
; Add repo
(debian/install [:lsb-release])
(let [release (c/exec :lsb_release :-cs)]
(debian/add-repo! "postgresql"
(str "deb "
release "-pgdg main")))
; Install
(debian/install [:postgresql-12 :postgresql-client-12])
; Deactivate default install
(c/exec :service :postgresql :stop)
(c/exec "update-rc.d" :postgresql :disable)))
(defn install-stolon!
"Downloads and installs Stolon."
[test node]
(let [version (:version test)]
(cu/install-archive! (str ""
version "/stolon-v" version "-linux-amd64.tar.gz")
(c/exec :chown :-R (str user ":" user) dir)))
(defn store-endpoints
"Computes the etcd address for stolon commands"
(str "http://" (cn/local-ip) ":2379"))
(defn stolonctl!
"Calls stolonctl with args. Provides cluster name and store connection args
[& args]
(c/sudo user
(c/cd dir
(apply c/exec "bin/stolonctl"
:--cluster-name "jepsen-cluster"
:--store-backend "etcdv3"
:--store-endpoints (store-endpoints)
(defn initial-cluster-spec
"The data structure we use for our stolon initial cluster specification. See for
{:synchronousReplication true
:initMode :new
:sleepInterval "1s"
:requestTimeout "2s"
:failInterval "4s"
:proxyCheckInterval "1s"
:proxyTimeout "3s"
; TODO: this is set to 48 hours, and it feels DANGEROUS, let's make it small
; later.
:deadKeeperRemovalInterval "48h"
:maxStandbysPerSender (dec (count (:nodes test)))
; Default is 1, but I'm pretty sure that allows bad things to happen.
:minSynchronousStandbys 1
:maxSynchronousStandbys 1
(defn start-sentinel!
"Starts a Stolon sentinel process."
[test node]
(c/cd dir
(c/sudo user
(let [init-spec "init-spec.json"]
(c/exec :echo (json/generate-string
(initial-cluster-spec test))
:> init-spec)
{:chdir dir
:logfile sentinel-logfile
:pidfile sentinel-pidfile}
(str dir "/bin/" sentinel-bin)
:--cluster-name cluster-name
:--store-backend "etcdv3"
:--store-endpoints (store-endpoints)
:--initial-cluster-spec init-spec)))))
(defn node->pg-id
"Turns a node into a postgres ID, e.g. pg1"
[test node]
(str "pg" (inc (.indexOf (:nodes test) node))))
(defn pg-id->node
"Turns a postgres ID into a node."
[test pg-id]
(nth (:nodes test)
(Long/parseLong ((re-find #"pg(.+)" pg-id) 1))))
(defn start-keeper!
"Starts a Stolon keeper process."
[test node]
(let [pg-id (node->pg-id test node)]
(c/sudo user
{:chdir dir
:logfile keeper-logfile
:pidfile keeper-pidfile}
(str dir "/bin/" keeper-bin)
:--cluster-name cluster-name
:--store-backend "etcdv3"
:--store-endpoints (store-endpoints)
:--uid pg-id
:--data-dir (str data-dir "/" pg-id)
:--pg-su-password (:postgres-password test)
:--pg-repl-username "repluser"
:--pg-repl-password (:postgres-password test)
:--pg-listen-address (cn/local-ip)
:--pg-port 5433
:--pg-bin-path "/usr/lib/postgresql/12/bin"))))
(defn start-proxy!
"Starts the Stolon proxy process."
[test node]
(c/sudo user
{:chdir dir
:logfile proxy-logfile
:pidfile proxy-pidfile}
(str dir "/bin/" proxy-bin)
:--cluster-name cluster-name
:--store-backend "etcdv3"
:--store-endpoints (store-endpoints)
:--listen-address "")))
(defn stop-sentinel!
"Kills the sentinel process."
[test node]
(c/sudo user
(cu/stop-daemon! sentinel-bin sentinel-pidfile)))
(defn stop-keeper!
"Kills the keeper process."
[test node]
(c/sudo user
(cu/stop-daemon! keeper-bin keeper-pidfile)))
(defn stop-proxy!
"Kills the proxy process."
[test node]
(c/sudo user
(cu/stop-daemon! proxy-bin proxy-pidfile)))
(defn status
"Returns the status of the stolon cluster, as a string."
(c/sudo user (stolonctl! :status)))
(defn primary-keeper
"Returns the keeper the current node thinks is primary."
(let [status (status)]
(if-let [match (re-find #"Master Keeper:\s+(.+)\n" status)]
(pg-id->node test (nth match 1))
(info :couldn't-parse status))))
(defrecord Stolon [etcd etcd-test]
(setup! [db test node]
(db/setup! etcd (etcd-test test) node)
(install-pg! test node)
(install-stolon! test node)
(start-sentinel! test node)
(start-keeper! test node)
(start-proxy! test node)
(sc/close! (sc/await-open test node)))
(teardown! [db test node]
(stop-proxy! test node)
(stop-keeper! test node)
(stop-sentinel! test node)
(c/su (c/exec :rm :-rf dir))
(db/teardown! etcd (etcd-test test) node))
(log-files [db test node]
(concat [sentinel-logfile
(db/log-files etcd (etcd-test test) node)))
(setup-primary! [db test node])
(primaries [db test]
(->> (c/on-nodes test (fn [test node]
(primary-keeper test)
(catch [:exit 1] e
; Ah well
(remove nil?)
(defn db
"Sets up stolon"
; A function which transforms our test into a test for an etcd DB.
(let [initialized? (atom false)
members (atom (into (sorted-set) (:nodes opts)))]
(fn [test]
(assoc test
:version (:etcd-version test)
:initialized? initialized?
:members members)))))
(defn just-postgres
"A database which just runs a regular old Postgres instance, to help rule out
bugs in Stolon specifically."
(let [tcpdump (db/tcpdump {:ports [5432]
; Haaack, hardcoded for my particular cluster
; control node
:filter "host"})]
(reify db/DB
(setup! [_ test node]
(db/setup! tcpdump test node)
(install-pg! test node)
(c/su (c/exec :echo (slurp (io/resource "pg_hba.conf"))
:> "/etc/postgresql/12/main/pg_hba.conf")
(c/exec :echo (slurp (io/resource "postgresql.conf"))
:> "/etc/postgresql/12/main/postgresql.conf"))
(c/sudo user
(c/exec "/usr/lib/postgresql/12/bin/initdb"
:-D "/var/lib/postgresql/12/main"))
(c/su (c/exec :service :postgresql :start)))
(teardown! [_ test node]
(c/su (c/exec :service :postgresql :stop)
; This might not actually work, so we have to kill the processes
; too
(cu/grepkill! "postgres")
(c/exec :rm :-rf (c/lit "/var/lib/postgresql/12/main/*")))
(c/sudo user
(c/exec :truncate :-s 0 just-postgres-log-file))
(db/teardown! tcpdump test node))
(log-files [_ test node]
(concat (db/log-files tcpdump test node)
(setup-primary! [db test node])
(primaries [db test]
; Everyone's a winner! Really, there should only be one node here,
; so... it's kinda trivial.
(:nodes test))
(start! [db test node]
(c/su (c/exec :service :postgresql :restart)))
(kill! [db test node]
(doseq [pattern (shuffle
["postgres -D" ; Main process
"main: checkpointer"
"main: background writer"
"main: walwriter"
"main: autovacuum launcher"])]
(Thread/sleep (rand-int 100))
(info "Killing" pattern "-" (cu/grepkill! pattern)))))))