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"Helper functions for doing bank tests, where you simulate transfers between
accounts, and verify that reads always show the same balance. The test map
should have these additional options:
:accounts A collection of account identifiers.
:total-amount Total amount to allocate.
:max-transfer The largest transfer we'll try to execute."
(:refer-clojure :exclude [read test])
(:require [knossos.op :as op]
[clojure.core.reducers :as r]
[jepsen [generator :as gen]
[checker :as checker]
[store :as store]
[util :as util]]
[jepsen.checker.perf :as perf]
[knossos.history :as history]
[gnuplot.core :as g]))
(defn read
"A generator of read operations."
[_ _]
{:type :invoke, :f :read})
(defn transfer
"Generator of a transfer: a random amount between two randomly selected
[test _]
{:type :invoke
:f :transfer
:value {:from (rand-nth (:accounts test))
:to (rand-nth (:accounts test))
:amount (+ 1 (rand-int (:max-transfer test)))}})
(def diff-transfer
"Transfers only between different accounts."
(gen/filter (fn [op] (not= (-> op :value :from)
(-> op :value :to)))
(defn generator
"A mixture of reads and transfers for clients."
(gen/mix [diff-transfer read]))
(defn err-badness
"Takes a bank error and returns a number, depending on its type. Bigger
numbers mean more egregious errors."
[test err]
(case (:type err)
:unexpected-key (count (:unexpected err))
:nil-balance (count (:nils err))
:wrong-total (Math/abs (float (/ (- (:total err) (:total-amount test))
(:total-amount test))))
:negative-value (- (reduce + (:negative err)))))
(defn check-op
"Takes a single op and returns errors in its balance"
[accts total negative-balances? op]
(let [ks (keys (:value op))
balances (vals (:value op))]
(cond (not-every? accts ks)
{:type :unexpected-key
:unexpected (remove accts ks)
:op op}
(some nil? balances)
{:type :nil-balance
:nils (->> (:value op)
(remove val)
(into {}))
:op op}
(not= total (reduce + balances))
{:type :wrong-total
:total (reduce + balances)
:op op}
(and (not negative-balances?) (some neg? balances))
{:type :negative-value
:negative (filter neg? balances)
:op op})))
(defn checker
"Verifies that all reads must sum to (:total test), and, unless
:negative-balances? is true, checks that all balances are
(reify checker/Checker
(check [this test history opts]
(let [accts (set (:accounts test))
total (:total-amount test)
reads (->> history
(r/filter op/ok?)
(r/filter #(= :read (:f %))))
errors (->> reads
(r/map (partial check-op
(:negative-balances? checker-opts)))
(r/filter identity)
(group-by :type))]
{:valid? (every? empty? (vals errors))
:read-count (count (into [] reads))
:error-count (reduce + (map count (vals errors)))
:first-error (util/min-by (comp :index :op) (map first (vals errors)))
:errors (->> errors
(fn [[type errs]]
(merge {:count (count errs)
:first (first errs)
:worst (util/max-by
(partial err-badness test)
:last (peek errs)}
(if (= type :wrong-total)
{:lowest (util/min-by :total errs)
:highest (util/max-by :total errs)}
(into {}))}))))
(defn ok-reads
"Filters a history to just OK reads. Returns nil if there are none."
(let [h (filter #(and (op/ok? %)
(= :read (:f %)))
(when (seq h)
(vec h))))
(defn by-node
"Groups operations by node."
[test history]
(let [nodes (:nodes test)
n (count nodes)]
(->> history
(r/filter (comp number? :process))
(group-by (fn [op]
(let [p (:process op)]
(nth nodes (mod p n))))))))
(defn points
"Turns a history into a seqeunce of [time total-of-accounts] points."
(mapv (fn [op]
[(util/nanos->secs (:time op))
(reduce + (remove nil? (vals (:value op))))])
(defn plotter
"Renders a graph of balances over time"
(reify checker/Checker
(check [this test history opts]
(when-let [reads (ok-reads history)]
(let [totals (->> reads
(by-node test)
(util/map-vals points))
colors (perf/qs->colors (keys totals))
path (.getCanonicalPath
(store/path! test (:subdirectory opts) "bank.png"))
preamble (concat (perf/preamble path)
[['set 'title (str (:name test) " bank")]
'[set ylabel "Total of all accounts"]])
series (for [[node data] totals]
{:title node
:with :points
:pointtype 2
:linetype (colors node)
:data data})]
(-> {:preamble preamble
:series series}
(perf/with-nemeses history (:nemeses (:plot test)))
{:valid? true})))))
(defn test
"A partial test; bundles together some default choices for keys and amounts
with a generator and checker. Options:
:negative-balances? if true, doesn't verify that balances remain positive"
(test {:negative-balances? false}))
{:max-transfer 5
:total-amount 100
:accounts (vec (range 8))
:checker (checker/compose {:SI (checker opts)
:plot (plotter)})
:generator (generator)}))