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(ns jepsen.rabbitmq
(:require [ :refer [debug info warn]]
[ :as io]
[jepsen.core :as core]
[jepsen.util :refer [meh timeout log-op]]
[jepsen.codec :as codec]
[jepsen.core :as core]
[jepsen.control :as c]
[jepsen.control.util :as cu]
[jepsen.client :as client]
[jepsen.db :as db]
[jepsen.generator :as gen]
[knossos.core :as knossos]
[knossos.op :as op]
[langohr.core :as rmq]
[ :as lch]
[langohr.confirm :as lco]
[langohr.queue :as lq]
[ :as le]
[langohr.basic :as lb])
(:import (com.rabbitmq.client AlreadyClosedException
(def db
(reify db/DB
(setup! [_ test node]
(c/cd "/tmp"
(let [version "3.5.6"
file (str "rabbitmq-server_" version "-1_all.deb")]
(when-not (cu/exists? file)
(info "Fetching deb package")
(c/exec :wget (str "" version "/" file)))
; Install package
(try (c/exec :dpkg-query :-l :rabbitmq-server)
(catch RuntimeException _
(info "Installing rabbitmq")
(c/exec :apt-get :install :-y :erlang-nox)
(c/exec :dpkg :-i file)))
; Set cookie
(when-not (and
(cu/exists? "/var/lib/rabbitmq/.erlang.cookie")
(= "jepsen-rabbitmq"
(c/exec :cat "/var/lib/rabbitmq/.erlang.cookie")))
(info "Setting cookie")
(c/exec :service :rabbitmq-server :stop)
(c/exec :echo "jepsen-rabbitmq"
:> "/var/lib/rabbitmq/.erlang.cookie"))
; Update config
(info "uploading config")
(c/exec :echo
(-> "rabbitmq/rabbitmq.config" io/resource slurp)
:> "/etc/rabbitmq/rabbitmq.config")
; Ensure node is running
(try (c/exec :service :rabbitmq-server :status)
(catch RuntimeException _
(info "Starting rabbitmq")
(c/exec :service :rabbitmq-server :start)))
; Prepare for cluster join
(when-not (= node (first (:nodes test)))
(c/exec :rabbitmqctl :stop_app))
; Wait for everyone to start up
(core/synchronize test)
; Join
(let [p (core/primary test)]
(when-not (= node p)
(info node "joining" p)
(c/exec :rabbitmqctl :join_cluster (str "rabbit@" (name p)))
(info node "joined" p)
(c/exec :rabbitmqctl :start_app)
(info node "started")))
; Use mirroring
(core/synchronize test)
(info node "Enabling mirroring")
(c/exec :rabbitmqctl :set_policy :ha-maj "jepsen."
"{\"ha-mode\": \"exactly\",
\"ha-params\": 3,
\"ha-sync-mode\": \"automatic\"}")
(info node "Rabbit ready")))))
(teardown! [_ test node]
; (info "Stopping rabbitmq")
; (meh (c/exec :rabbitmqctl :stop_app))
; (meh (c/exec :rabbitmqctl :force_reset))
; (meh (c/exec :service :rabbitmq-server :stop))
(info node "Nuking rabbit")
(meh (c/exec :killall :-9 "beam.smp" "epmd"))
(c/exec :rm :-rf "/var/lib/rabbitmq/mnesia/")
(c/exec :service :rabbitmq-server :stop)
(info node "Rabbit dead")))))
(def queue "jepsen.queue")
(defn dequeue!
"Given a channel and an operation, dequeues a value and returns the
corresponding operation."
[ch op]
; Rabbit+Langohr's auto-ack dynamics mean that even if we issue a dequeue req
; then crash, the message should be re-delivered and we can count this as a
; failure.
(timeout 5000 (assoc op :type :fail :error :timeout)
(let [[meta payload] (lb/get ch queue)
value (codec/decode payload)]
(if (nil? meta)
(assoc op :type :fail :error :empty)
(assoc op :type :ok :value value)))))
(defmacro with-ch
"Opens a channel on 'conn for body, binds it to the provided symbol 'ch, and
ensures the channel is closed after body returns."
[[ch conn] & body]
`(let [~ch (lch/open ~conn)]
(try ~@body
(try (rmq/close ~ch)
(catch AlreadyClosedException _#))))))
(defrecord QueueClient [conn]
(open! [client test node]
(let [conn (rmq/connect {:host (name node)})]
(assoc client :conn conn)
(QueueClient. conn)))
(setup! [client test]
(with-ch [ch conn]
(lq/declare ch queue
:durable true
:auto-delete false
:exclusive false)))
(teardown! [client test]
(meh (with-ch [ch conn]
(lq/purge ch queue))))
(close! [client test]
(meh (rmq/close conn)))
(invoke! [client test op]
(with-ch [ch conn]
(case (:f op)
:enqueue (do
(lco/select ch) ; Use confirmation tracking
; Empty string is the default exhange
(lb/publish ch "" queue
(codec/encode (:value op))
:content-type "application/edn"
:mandatory true
:persistent true)
; Block until message acknowledged
(if (lco/wait-for-confirms ch 5000)
(assoc op :type :ok)
(assoc op :type :fail)))
:dequeue (dequeue! ch op)
:drain (loop [values []]
(let [v (dequeue! ch op)]
(if (= (:type v) :ok)
(recur (conj values (:value v)))
(assoc op :type :ok, :value values))))))))
(defn queue-client [] (QueueClient. nil))
; enqueued is shared state for whether or not we enqueued the mutex record
; held is independent state to store the currently held message
(defrecord Semaphore [enqueued? conn ch tag]
(setup! [_ test node]
(let [conn (rmq/connect {:host (name node)})]
(with-ch [ch conn]
(lq/declare ch "jepsen.semaphore"
:durable true
:auto-delete false
:exclusive false)
; Enqueue a single message
(when (compare-and-set! enqueued? false true)
(lco/select ch)
(lq/purge ch "jepsen.semaphore")
(lb/publish ch "" "jepsen.semaphore" (byte-array 0))
(when-not (lco/wait-for-confirms ch 5000)
(throw (RuntimeException.
"couldn't enqueue initial semaphore message!")))))
(Semaphore. enqueued? conn (atom (lch/open conn)) (atom nil))))
(teardown! [_ test]
; Purge
(meh (timeout 5000 nil
(with-ch [ch conn]
(lq/purge ch "jepsen.semaphore"))))
(meh (rmq/close @ch))
(meh (rmq/close conn)))
(invoke! [this test op]
(case (:f op)
:acquire (locking tag
(if @tag
(assoc op :type :fail :value :already-held)
(timeout 5000 (assoc op :type :fail :value :timeout)
; Get a message but don't acknowledge it
(let [dtag (-> (lb/get @ch "jepsen.semaphore" false)
(if dtag
(do (reset! tag dtag)
(assoc op :type :ok :value dtag))
(assoc op :type :fail)))
(catch ShutdownSignalException e
(meh (reset! ch (lch/open conn)))
(assoc op :type :fail :value (.getMessage e)))
(catch AlreadyClosedException e
(meh (reset! ch (lch/open conn)))
(assoc op :type :fail :value :channel-closed))))))
:release (locking tag
(if-not @tag
(assoc op :type :fail :value :not-held)
(timeout 5000 (assoc op :type :ok :value :timeout)
(let [t @tag]
(reset! tag nil)
; We're done now--we try to reject but it
; doesn't matter if we succeed or not.
(lb/reject @ch t true)
(assoc op :type :ok)
(catch AlreadyClosedException e
(meh (reset! ch (lch/open conn)))
(assoc op :type :ok :value :channel-closed))
(catch ShutdownSignalException e
(assoc op
:type :ok
:value (.getMessage e)))))))))))
(defn mutex [] (Semaphore. (atom false) nil nil nil))