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(ns jepsen.mongodb.db
"Database setup and automation."
(:require [clojure [pprint :refer [pprint]]
[string :as str]]
[ :as io]
[ :refer [info warn]]
[dom-top.core :refer [real-pmap]]
[jepsen [control :as c]
[core :as jepsen]
[db :as db]
[util :as util :refer [meh random-nonempty-subset]]]
[jepsen.control.util :as cu]
[jepsen.os.debian :as debian]
[jepsen.mongodb [client :as client]]
[slingshot.slingshot :refer [try+ throw+]]))
(def log-file "/var/log/mongodb/mongod.log")
(def data-dir "/var/lib/mongodb")
(def mongos-dir "/tmp/mongos")
(def mongos-log-file "/var/log/mongodb/mongos.stdout")
(def mongos-pid-file (str mongos-dir "/"))
(def mongos-bin "mongos")
(def subpackages
"MongoDB has like five different packages to install; these are the ones we
(defn deb-url
"What's the URL of the Debian package we install?"
[test subpackage]
(let [version (:version test)]
; TODO: sort out the 4.2 in the URL here
(str "" subpackage "_" version "_amd64.deb")))
(defn install!
"Installs MongoDB on the current node."
(c/exec :mkdir :-p "/tmp/jepsen")
(c/cd "/tmp/jepsen"
(doseq [subpackage subpackages]
(when-not (= (:version test)
(debian/installed-version (str "mongodb-org-"
(let [file (cu/wget! (deb-url test subpackage))]
(info "Installing" subpackage (:version test))
(c/exec :dpkg :-i :--force-confnew file))
(c/exec :systemctl :daemon-reload))))))
(defn config-server?
"Takes a test map, and returns true iff this set of nodes is intended to be a
(= (:replica-set-name test) "rs_config"))
(defn configure!
"Sets up configuration files"
[test node]
(c/exec :echo :> "/etc/mongod.conf"
(-> (slurp (io/resource "mongod.conf"))
(str/replace "%REPL_SET_NAME%"
(:replica-set-name test "rs_jepsen"))
(str/replace "%CLUSTER_ROLE%"
(if (config-server? test)
(defn start!
"Starts mongod"
[test node]
(c/su (c/exec :systemctl :start :mongod)))
(defn stop!
"Stops the mongodb service"
[test node]
(c/su (c/exec :systemctl :stop :mongod))
(catch [:exit 5] e
; Not loaded; we probably haven't installed
(defn wipe!
"Removes logs and data files"
[test node]
(c/su (c/exec :rm :-rf log-file (c/lit (str data-dir "/*")))))
;; Replica sets
(defn target-replica-set-config
"Generates the config for a replset in a given test."
{:_id (:replica-set-name test "rs_jepsen")
:configsvr (config-server? test)
; See
:settings {:heartbeatTimeoutSecs 1
:electionTimeoutMillis 1000
:catchUpTimeoutMillis 1000
:catchUpTakeoverDelayMillis 3000}
:members (->> test
(map-indexed (fn [i node]
{:_id i
:priority (- (count (:nodes test)) i)
:host (str node ":"
(if (config-server? test)
(defn replica-set-initiate!
"Initialize a replica set on a node."
[conn config]
(client/admin-command! conn {:replSetInitiate config}))
(defn replica-set-config
"Returns the current repl set config"
(client/admin-command! conn {:replSetConfig 1}))
(defn replica-set-status
"Returns the current replica set status."
(client/admin-command! conn {:replSetGetStatus 1}))
(defn primaries
"What nodes does this conn think are primaries?"
(->> (replica-set-status conn)
(filter #(= "PRIMARY" (:stateStr %)))
(map :name)
(map client/addr->node)))
(defn primary
"Which single node does this conn think the primary is? Throws for multiple
primaries, cuz that sounds like a fun and interesting bug, haha."
(let [ps (primaries conn)]
(when (< 1 (count ps))
(throw (IllegalStateException.
(str "Multiple primaries known to "
": "
(first ps)))
(defn await-join
"Block until all nodes in the test are known to this connection's replset
[test conn]
(while (not= (set (:nodes test))
(->> (replica-set-status conn)
(map :name)
(map client/addr->node)
(info :replica-set-status
(with-out-str (->> (replica-set-status conn)
(map :name)
(map client/addr->node)
(prn :test (sort (:nodes test)))))
(Thread/sleep 1000)))
(defn await-primary
"Block until a primary is known to the current node."
(while (not (primary conn))
(Thread/sleep 1000)))
(defn join!
"Joins nodes into a replica set. Intended for use during setup."
[test node]
(let [port (if (config-server? test)
; Wait for all nodes to be reachable
(.close (client/await-open node port))
(jepsen/synchronize test)
; Start RS
(when (= node (jepsen/primary test))
(with-open [conn (client/open node port)]
(info "Initiating replica set on" node "\n"
(with-out-str (pprint (target-replica-set-config test))))
(replica-set-initiate! conn
(target-replica-set-config test))
(info "Waiting for cluster join")
(await-join test conn)
(info "Waiting for primary election")
(await-primary conn)
(info "Primary ready")))
; For reasons I really don't understand, you have to prevent other nodes
; from checking the replset status until *after* we initiate the replset on
; the primary--so we insert a barrier here to make sure other nodes don't
; wait until primary initiation is complete.
(jepsen/synchronize test 300)
; For other reasons I don't understand, you *have* to open a new set of
; connections after replset initation. I have a hunch that this happens
; because of a deadlock or something in mongodb itself, but it could also
; be a client connection-closing-detection bug.
; Amusingly, we can't just time out these operations; the client appears to
; swallow thread interrupts and keep on doing, well, something. FML.
(with-open [conn (client/open node port)]
(info "Waiting for cluster join")
(await-join test conn)
(info "Waiting for primary")
(await-primary conn)
(info "Primary is" (primary conn))
(jepsen/synchronize test 300))))
(defn replica-set-db
"This database runs a single replica set."
(setup! [db test node]
(install! test)
(configure! test node)
(start! test node)
(join! test node))
(teardown! [db test node]
(stop! test node)
(wipe! test node))
(log-files [db test node]
(start! [_ test node]
(start! test node))
(kill! [_ test node]
(c/su (cu/grepkill! :mongod))
(stop! test node))
(pause! [_ test node]
(c/su (cu/grepkill! :stop :mongod)))
(resume! [_ test node]
(c/su (cu/grepkill! :cont :mongod)))
(setup-primary! [_ test node])
(primaries [_ test]
(try (->> (:nodes test)
(real-pmap (fn [node]
(with-open [conn (client/open
(if (config-server? test)
; Huh, sometimes Mongodb DOES return multiple
; primaries from a single request. Weeeeird.
(primaries conn))))
(reduce concat)
(catch Exception e
(info e "Can't determine current primaries")
;; Sharding
(defn shard-node-plan
"Takes a test, and produces a map of shard names to lists of nodes
which form the replica set for that set. We always generate a config replica
set, and fill remaining nodes with shards.
{\"config\" [\"n1\" \"n2\" ...]
\"shard1\" [\"n4\" ...]
\"shard2\" [\"n7\" ...]}"
(let [n (:nodes test)
shard-size 3]
(assert (< (* 2 shard-size) (count n))
(str "Need at least " (* 2 shard-size) " nodes for 1 shard"))
(zipmap (->> (range) (map inc) (map (partial str "shard")) (cons "config"))
(partition-all shard-size n))))
(defn test-for-shard
"Takes a test map and a shard map, and creates a version of the test map with
the replica set name and nodes based on the given shard.
(test-for-shard test {:nodes [...})"
[test shard]
(assoc test
:nodes (:nodes shard)
:replica-set-name (str "rs_" (:name shard))))
(defn shard-for-node
"Takes a sharded DB and a node; returns the shard this node belongs to."
[sharded-db node]
(first (filter (fn [shard] (some #{node} (:nodes shard)))
(:shards sharded-db))))
(defn on-shards
"Takes a sharded DB. Calls (f shard) in parallel on each
shard. Returns a map of shard names to the results of f on that shard."
[sharded-db f]
(zipmap (map :name (:shards sharded-db))
(real-pmap f (:shards sharded-db))))
(defn on-shards-nodes
"Takes a sharded DB. Calls (f shard node) in parallel on each shard and node.
Returns a map of shards to nodes to the results of f on that shard and node."
[sharded-db f]
(on-shards (fn [shard]
(zipmap (:nodes shard)
(real-pmap (partial f shard) (:nodes shard))))))
(defn configure-mongos!
"Sets up mongos configuration file."
[test node config-db]
(c/exec :echo :> "/etc/mongos.conf"
(-> (slurp (io/resource "mongos.conf"))
(str/replace "%CONFIG_DB%" config-db)))))
(defn start-mongos!
"Starts the mongos daemon on the local node."
[test node]
(c/exec :mkdir :-p mongos-dir)
{:logfile mongos-log-file
:pidfile mongos-pid-file
:chdir mongos-dir}
(str "/usr/bin/" mongos-bin)
:--config "/etc/mongos.conf")))
(defn stop-mongos!
"Stops the mongos daemon on the local node."
[test node]
(c/su (cu/stop-daemon! mongos-bin mongos-pid-file)))
(defn add-shards!
"Adds the initial set of shards for the DB setup."
[node shard-strs]
(with-open [conn (client/open node client/mongos-port)]
(doseq [shard shard-strs]
(info "Adding shard" shard)
(client/admin-command! conn {:addShard shard}))))
(defrecord Mongos [config-str shard-strs]
(setup! [this test node]
(install! test)
(configure-mongos! test node config-str)
(start-mongos! test node)
(info "Waiting for mongos to start")
(client/await-open node client/mongos-port)
(jepsen/synchronize test)
(when (= (jepsen/primary test) node)
(add-shards! node shard-strs)))
(teardown! [this test node]
(stop-mongos! test node)
(c/exec :rm :-rf mongos-log-file mongos-dir)))
(log-files [this test node]
(defrecord ShardedDB [mongos shards tcpdump]
(setup! [this test node]
(db/setup! tcpdump test node)
(let [shard (shard-for-node this node)]
(info "Setting up shard" shard)
(db/setup! (:db shard) (test-for-shard test shard) node))
(db/setup! mongos test node))
(teardown! [this test node]
(db/teardown! mongos test node)
(let [shard (shard-for-node this node)]
(info "Tearing down shard" shard)
(db/teardown! (:db shard) (test-for-shard test shard) node))
(db/teardown! tcpdump test node))
(log-files [this test node]
(concat (db/log-files tcpdump test node)
(db/log-files mongos test node)
(let [shard (shard-for-node this node)]
(db/log-files (:db shard) (test-for-shard test shard) node))))
(setup-primary! [_ test node] nil)
(primaries [this test]
(->> (on-shards this
(fn [shard]
(db/primaries (:db shard)
(test-for-shard test shard))))
(reduce concat)
(start! [this test node]
(let [shard (shard-for-node this node)]
(db/start! (:db shard) (test-for-shard test shard) node)))
(kill! [this test node]
(let [shard (shard-for-node this node)]
(db/kill! (:db shard) (test-for-shard test shard) node)))
(pause! [this test node]
(let [shard (shard-for-node this node)]
(db/pause! (:db shard) (test-for-shard test shard) node)))
(resume! [this test node]
(let [shard (shard-for-node this node)]
(db/resume! (:db shard) (test-for-shard test shard) node))))
(defn sharded-db
"This database deploys a config server replica set, shard replica sets, and
mongos sharding servers."
(let [plan (shard-node-plan opts)]
; Config server
(->> (get plan "config")
(map #(str % ":" client/config-port))
(str/join ",")
(str "rs_config/"))
; Shards
(->> plan
(keep (fn [[rs nodes]]
(when-not (= "config" rs)
(str "rs_" rs "/"
(first nodes) ":" client/shard-port))))))
(->> plan
(map (fn [[shard-name nodes]]
{:name shard-name
:nodes nodes
:db (replica-set-db)})))
(db/tcpdump {:filter "host"
:ports [client/mongos-port]}))))