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(ns jepsen.mongodb.list-append
"Elle list append workload"
(:require [clojure [pprint :refer [pprint]]]
[ :refer [info warn]]
[dom-top.core :refer [with-retry]]
[jepsen [client :as client]
[checker :as checker]
[util :as util :refer [timeout]]]
[jepsen.generator.pure :as gen]
[jepsen.tests.cycle :as cycle]
[jepsen.tests.cycle.append :as list-append]
[jepsen.mongodb [client :as c]]
[slingshot.slingshot :as slingshot])
(:import (java.util.concurrent TimeUnit)
(com.mongodb TransactionOptions
(com.mongodb.client.model Filters
(def db-name "jepsendb")
(def coll-name "jepsencoll")
(defn txn-options
"Constructs options for this transaction."
[test txn]
; Transactions retry for well over 100 seconds and I cannot for the life of
; me find what switch makes that timeout shorter. MaxCommitTime only affects
; a *single* invocation of the transaction, not the retries. We work around
; this by timing out in Jepsen as well.
(cond-> (TransactionOptions/builder)
true (.maxCommitTime 5 TimeUnit/SECONDS)
; MongoDB *ignores* the DB and collection-level read and write concerns
; within a transaction, which seems... bad, because it actually
; *downgrades* safety if you chose high levels at the db or collection
; levels! We have to set them here too.
(:txn-read-concern test)
(.readConcern (c/read-concern (:txn-read-concern test)))
(and (:txn-write-concern test)
; If the transaction is read-only, and we have
; no-read-only-txn-write-concern set, we don't bother setting the write
; concern.
(not (and (every? (comp #{:r} first) txn)
(:no-read-only-txn-write-concern test))))
(.writeConcern (c/write-concern (:txn-write-concern test)))
true .build))
(defn apply-mop!
"Applies a transactional micro-operation to a connection."
[test db session [f k v :as mop]]
(let [coll (c/collection db coll-name)]
;(info (with-out-str
; (println "db levels")
; (prn :sn-rc ReadConcern/SNAPSHOT)
; (prn :ma-rc ReadConcern/MAJORITY)
; (prn :db-rc (.getReadConcern db))
; (prn :ma-wc WriteConcern/MAJORITY)
; (prn :db-wc (.getWriteConcern db))))
(case f
:r [f k (vec (:value (c/find-one coll session k)))]
:append (let [filt (Filters/eq "_id" k)
doc (c/->doc {:$push {:value v}})
opts (.. (UpdateOptions.) (upsert true))
res (if session
(.updateOne coll session filt doc opts)
(.updateOne coll filt doc opts))]
;(info :res res)
(defrecord Client [conn]
(open! [this test node]
(assoc this :conn (c/open node c/mongos-port)))
(setup! [this test]
; Collections have to be predeclared; transactions can't create them.
(with-retry [tries 5]
(let [db (c/db conn db-name test)]
; Shard database
(c/admin-command! conn {:enableSharding db-name})
(let [coll (c/create-collection! db coll-name)]
(info "Collection created")
; Shard it!
(c/admin-command! conn
{:shardCollection (str db-name "." coll-name)
:key {:_id :hashed}
; WIP; gotta figure out how we're going to
; generate queries with the shard key in them.
;:key {(case (:shard-key test)
; :id :_id
; :value :value)
; :hashed}
:numInitialChunks 7})
(info "Collection sharded")))
(catch com.mongodb.MongoNotPrimaryException e
; sigh, why is this a thing
(catch com.mongodb.MongoSocketReadTimeoutException e
(if (pos? tries)
(do (info "Timed out sharding DB and collection; waiting to retry")
(Thread/sleep 5000)
(retry (dec tries)))
(throw e)))))
(invoke! [this test op]
(let [txn (:value op)]
(c/with-errors op
(timeout 5000 (assoc op :type :info, :error :timeout)
(let [txn' (if (and (<= (count txn) 1)
(not (:singleton-txns test)))
; We can run without a transaction
(let [db (c/db conn db-name
{:read-concern (:read-concern test)
:write-concern (:write-concern test)})]
[(apply-mop! test db nil (first txn))])
; We need a transaction
(let [db (c/db conn db-name test)]
(with-open [session (c/start-session conn)]
(let [opts (txn-options test (:value op))
body (c/txn
;(info :txn-begins)
(mapv (partial apply-mop!
test db session)
(:value op)))]
(.withTransaction session body opts)))))]
(assoc op :type :ok, :value txn'))))))
(teardown! [this test])
(close! [this test]
(.close conn)))
(defn workload
"A generator, client, and checker for a list-append test."
(assoc (list-append/test {:key-count 10
:key-dist :exponential
:max-txn-length (:max-txn-length opts 4)
:max-writes-per-key (:max-writes-per-key opts)
:consistency-models [:strong-snapshot-isolation]})
:client (Client. nil)))