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(ns jepsen.mongodb.nemesis
"Nemeses for MongoDB"
(:require [clojure.pprint :refer [pprint]]
[ :refer [info warn]]
[dom-top.core :refer [real-pmap]]
[jepsen [nemesis :as n]
[net :as net]
[util :as util]]
[jepsen.generator.pure :as gen]
[jepsen.nemesis [combined :as nc]
[time :as nt]]
[jepsen.mongodb.db :as db]))
(defn shard-generator
"Takes a collection of shard packages, and returns a generator that emits ops
like {:f whatever, :shard \"foo\", :value blah}, drawn from one of the shard
(->> packages
(map (fn [pkg]
(let [shard-name (:name pkg)]
(gen/map (fn [op] (assoc op :shard shard-name))
(:generator pkg)))))
(defn shard-nemesis
"Takes a collection of shard packages, and returns a nemesis that
takes ops like {:f whatever, :shard \"foo\", :value blah}, and dispatches
that op to the nemesis for that particular shard."
(reify n/Nemesis
(setup! [this test]
(real-pmap (fn [pkg]
(n/setup! (:nemesis pkg)
(db/test-for-shard test pkg)))
(invoke! [this test op]
(let [shard-name (:shard op)
pkg (first (filter (comp #{shard-name} :name) packages))
nemesis (:nemesis pkg)
test (db/test-for-shard test pkg)
op' (n/invoke! (:nemesis pkg) test op)]
(teardown! [this test]
(real-pmap (fn [pkg]
(n/teardown! (:nemesis pkg)
(db/test-for-shard test pkg)))
(fs [this]
(set (mapcat (comp n/fs :nemesis) packages)))))
(defn package-for-shard
"Builds a nemesis package for a specific shard, merged with the shard map
[opts shard]
(merge shard
(nc/nemesis-package (assoc opts :db (:db shard)))))
(defn nemesis-package
"Constructs a nemesis and generators for MongoDB."
(let [opts (update opts :faults set)
; Construct a package for each shard
pkgs (map (partial package-for-shard opts) (:shards (:db opts)))]
; Now, we need a generator and nemesis which mix operations on various
; shards, and route those operations to the nemesis for each appropriate
; shards. We merge these onto a nemesis package for the whole test--that
; gives us
(assoc (nc/nemesis-package opts)
:generator (shard-generator pkgs)
:final-generator nil
:nemesis (shard-nemesis pkgs)))
; Or just do a standard package
; TODO: mix these