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(ns jepsen.redis.append
"Tests for transactional list append."
(:require [ :refer [info warn]]
[clojure.pprint :refer [pprint]]
[elle.core :as elle]
[jepsen [checker :as checker]
[client :as client]
[generator :as gen]
[util :as util :refer [parse-long]]]
[jepsen.checker.timeline :as timeline]
[jepsen.tests.cycle.append :as append]
[jepsen.redis [client :as rc]]
[taoensso.carmine :as car :refer [wcar]]
[slingshot.slingshot :refer [try+ throw+]]))
(defn apply-mop!
"Executes a micro-operation against a Carmine connection. This gets used in
two different ways. Executed directly, it returns a completed mop. In a txn
context, it's executed for SIDE effects, which must be reconstituted later."
[conn [f k v :as mop]]
(case f
:r [f k (wcar conn (car/lrange k 0 -1))]
:append (do (wcar conn (car/rpush k (str v)))
(defn parse-read
"Turns reads of [:r :x ['1' '2'] into reads of [:r :x [1 2]]."
[conn [f k v :as mop]]
(case f
:r [f k (mapv parse-long v)]
:append mop)
(catch ClassCastException e
(throw+ {:type :unexpected-read-type
:key k
:value v}))))
; We're getting QUEUED in response to non-MULTI operations; I'm
; trying to figure out why, and to get debugging info, I'm gonna
; log whatever happens from an EXEC here.
;:exec-result (wcar conn (car/exec))}))))
(defrecord Client [conn]
(open! [this test node]
(rc/delay-exceptions 5
(let [c (rc/open node)]
; (info :conn c)
(assoc this :conn (rc/open node)))))
(setup! [_ test])
(invoke! [_ test op]
(rc/with-exceptions op #{}
(rc/with-conn conn
(->> (if (< 1 (count (:value op)))
; We need a transaction
(->> (:value op)
; Perform micro-ops for side effects
(mapv (partial apply-mop! conn))
; In a transaction
(rc/with-txn conn)
; And zip results back into the original txn
(mapv (fn [[f k v] r]
[f k (case f
:r r
:append v)])
(:value op)))
; Just execute the mop directly, without a txn
(->> (:value op)
(mapv (partial apply-mop! conn))))
; Parse integer reads
(mapv (partial parse-read conn))
; Returning that completed txn as an OK op
(assoc op :type :ok, :value)))))
(teardown! [_ test])
(close! [this test]
(rc/close! conn)))
(defn workload
"A list append workload."
(-> (append/test {; Exponentially distributed, so half of the time it's gonna
; be one key, 3/4 of ops will use one of 2 keys, 7/8 one of
; 3 keys, etc.
:key-count (:key-count opts 12)
:min-txn-length 1
:max-txn-length (:max-txn-length opts 4)
:max-writes-per-key (:max-writes-per-key opts 128)
:consistency-models [:strict-serializable]})
(assoc :client (Client. nil))
; (update :checker #(checker/compose {:workload %
; :timeline (timeline/html)}))