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(ns jepsen.redis.nemesis
"Nemeses for Redis"
(:require [clojure.pprint :refer [pprint]]
[ :refer [info warn]]
[jepsen [db :as db]
[generator :as gen]
[nemesis :as n]
[net :as net]
[util :as util]]
[jepsen.nemesis [time :as nt]
[combined :as nc]]
[jepsen.redis [db :as rdb]]))
(defn member-nemesis
"A nemesis for adding and removing nodes from the cluster. Options:
:db The database to grow and shrink.
Leave operations can either be a node name, or a map of {:remove node :using
node}, in which case we ask a specific node to remove the other."
(reify n/Nemesis
(setup! [this test] this)
(invoke! [this test op]
(info "Current membership\n" (with-out-str
(pprint (rdb/get-meta-members (:db opts)))
(pprint (rdb/node-state test))))
(assoc op :value
(case (:f op)
:hold nil
:join [(:value op) (rdb/join! (:db opts) test (:value op))]
:leave [(:value op) (rdb/leave! (:db opts) test (:value op))])))
(teardown! [this test] this)
(fs [this] [:join :leave :hold])))
(def min-cluster-size
"How small can the cluster get?"
(defn join-leave-gen
"Emits join and leave operations for a DB."
[db test process]
(let [members (set (rdb/members db test))
addable (remove members (:nodes test))]
(cond ; We can add someone
(and (seq addable) (< (rand) 0.5))
{:type :info, :f :join, :value (rand-nth (vec addable))}
; We can remove someone
(< min-cluster-size (count members))
{:type :info, :f :leave, :value (rand-nth (vec members))}
; Huh, no options at all.
{:type :info, :f :hold, :value {:type :can't-change
:members members
:nodes (:nodes test)}})))
(defn member-generator
"Generates join and leave operations. Options:
:db The DB to act on.
:interval How long to wait between operations."
; Feels like the generator should be smarter here, and take over choosing
; nodes.
(->> (partial join-leave-gen (:db opts))
(gen/delay (:interval opts))))
(defn island-generator
"A generator which picks a primary, isolates it from all other nodes, then
issues leave requests to the isolated primary asking every other node to
leave the cluster. Options:
:db - The database to island."
(let [db (:db opts)
queue (atom nil)] ; A queue of ops we're going to emit.
(->> (reify gen/Generator
(op [this test process]
(or (first
(swap! queue
(fn [q]
(if (seq q)
; Advance
(next q)
; Empty, refill. We pick a primary and generate
; a queue of ops for it.
(when-let [primaries (seq (db/primaries db test))]
(let [p (rand-nth primaries)
others (remove #{p} (:nodes test))]
(info "New island target is" p)
; First, partition
[{:type :info
:f :start-partition
:value (n/complete-grudge [[p] others])}]
; Then, remove all other nodes
(map (fn [n] {:type :info
:f :leave
:value {:remove n
:using p}})
; Go again
(Thread/sleep 1000)
(recur test process))))
(gen/delay (:interval opts)))))
(defn random-sublist
"Randomly drops elements from the given collection."
(filter (fn [_] (< 0.1 (rand))) coll))
(defn mystery-generator
"A generator for reproducing a weird fault we don't understand yet, involving
crashes and membership changes."
; We know this is sufficient, but it's really slow to repro
(let [db (:db opts)]
(->> [:kill :all
:start :all
:leave "n3"
:kill ["n3" "n4" "n5"]
:start :all
:leave "n1"
:kill :primaries
:start :all
:kill ["n2" "n3" "n5"]
:start :all
; :kill ["n1" "n2" "n5"]
:leave "n5"
:start :all
:leave "n2"
:join "n3"
:join "n1"
:kill :all
:start :all]
(partition 2)
(map (fn [[f v]] {:type :info, :f f, :value v}))
(gen/delay (:interval opts))))
(->> [:leave "n1"
:leave "n2"
:leave "n3"
:leave "n4"
:leave "n5"
:kill :all
:start :all
:join "n1"
:join "n2"
:join "n3"
:join "n4"
:join "n5"
:kill :all
:start :all]
(partition 2)
(map (fn [[f v]] {:type :info, :f f, :value v}))
(gen/delay (:interval opts))))
(defn member-package
"A membership generator and nemesis. Options:
:interval How long to wait between operations.
:db The database to add/remove nodes from.
:faults The set of faults. Should include :member to activate this
(when ((:faults opts) :member)
{:nemesis (member-nemesis opts)
:generator (member-generator opts)
:perf #{{:name "join"
:fs [:join]
:color "#E9A0E6"}
{:name "leave"
:fs [:leave]
:color "#ACA0E9"}}}))
(defn package-for
"Builds a combined package for the given options."
(->> (nc/nemesis-packages opts)
(concat [(member-package opts)])
(remove nil?)
(defn package
"Takes CLI opts; constructs a nemesis and generators for Redis. Options:
:interval How long to wait between operations.
:db The database to add/remove nodes from.
:faults The set of faults. A special fault, :island, yields islanding
(info opts)
; An island fault requires both membership and partition packages, and
; mystery faults need members and kills...
(let [nemesis-opts (cond (some #{:island} (:faults opts))
(update opts :faults conj :member :partition)
(some #{:mystery} (:faults opts))
(update opts :faults conj :member :kill)
true opts)
; Build a package for the options we have
nemesis-package (package-for nemesis-opts)
; And also for the generator faults we were explicitly asked for
gen-package (package-for opts)
; If we're asked for islanding/mystery faults, we need a special
; generator for those
faults (set (:faults opts))
; Ugh this is a HAAACK, we can't mix island/mystery faults with others
_ (assert (or (and (some #{:island :mystery} faults)
(= 1 (count faults)))
(not-any? #{:island :mystery} faults))
"Can't mix island or mystery faults with other types")
gen (case faults
#{:island} (island-generator opts)
#{:mystery} (mystery-generator opts)
(:generator gen-package))
; Should do a final gen here too but I'm lazy and we don't use final
; gens yet.
; Now combine em
{:generator gen
:final-generator (:final-generator gen-package)
:nemesis (:nemesis nemesis-package)
:perf (:perf nemesis-package)}))