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(ns scylla.batch
(:require [clojure [pprint :refer :all]]
[ :refer [info]]
[client :as client]
[checker :as checker]
[generator :as gen]
[nemesis :as nemesis]]
[scylla [client :as c]]
[qbits.alia :as alia]
[qbits.hayt :refer :all]))
(defrecord BatchSetClient [tbl-created? conn]
(open! [this test node]
(assoc this :conn (c/open test node)))
(setup! [_ test]
(let [s (:session conn)]
(locking tbl-created?
(when (compare-and-set! tbl-created? false true)
(alia/execute s (create-keyspace
(if-exists false)
(with {:replication {:class :SimpleStrategy
:replication_factor 3}})))
(alia/execute s (use-keyspace :jepsen_keyspace))
(alia/execute s (create-table
(if-exists false)
(column-definitions {:pid :int
:cid :int
:value :int
:primary-key [:pid :cid]})
(with {:compaction {:class (:compaction-strategy test)}}))))))))
(invoke! [this test op]
(let [s (:session conn)]
(c/with-errors op #{:read}
(alia/execute s (use-keyspace :jepsen_keyspace))
(case (:f op)
:add (let [value (:value op)]
(alia/execute s
"INSERT INTO bat (pid, cid, value) VALUES ("
value ", 0, " value ");"
"INSERT INTO bat (pid, cid, value) VALUES ("
value ", 1, " value ");"
(merge {:consistency :quorum}
(c/write-opts test)))
(assoc op :type :ok))
:read (let [results (alia/execute s
(select :bat)
(merge {:consistency :all}
(c/read-opts test)))
value-a (->> results
(filter (fn [ret] (= (:cid ret) 0)))
(map :value)
(into (sorted-set)))
value-b (->> results
(filter (fn [ret] (= (:cid ret) 1)))
(map :value)
(into (sorted-set)))]
; TODO: I don't think this actually verifies anything--the
; failed ops are going to be ignored by the set checker,
; which stops us from detecting the divergence. We can write
; an extra checker to look for these, though!
(if-not (= value-a value-b)
(assoc op :type :fail :value [value-a value-b])
(assoc op :type :ok :value value-a)))))))
(close! [_ _]
(c/close! conn))
(teardown! [_ _])
(reusable? [_ _] true))
(defn batch-set-client
"A set implemented using batched inserts"
(->BatchSetClient (atom false) nil))
(defn set-workload
{:client (batch-set-client)
:generator (->> (range)
(map (fn [x] {:type :invoke, :f :add, :value x})))
:final-generator {:f :read}
:checker (checker/set)})