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(ns scylla.counter
(:require [clojure [pprint :refer [pprint]]]
[ :refer [info]]
[client :as client]
[checker :as checker]
[nemesis :as nemesis]
[generator :as gen]]
[qbits.alia :as alia]
[qbits.alia.policy.retry :as retry]
[qbits.hayt :refer :all]
[scylla [client :as c]]))
(defrecord CQLCounterClient [tbl-created? conn]
(open! [this test node]
(assoc this :conn (c/open test node)))
(setup! [_ test]
(let [s (:session conn)]
(locking tbl-created?
(when (compare-and-set! tbl-created? false true)
(alia/execute s (create-keyspace
(if-exists false)
(with {:replication {:class :SimpleStrategy
:replication_factor 3}})))
(alia/execute s (use-keyspace :jepsen_keyspace))
(alia/execute s (create-table
(if-exists false)
(column-definitions {:id :int
:count :counter
:primary-key [:id]})
(with {:compaction {:class (:compaction-strategy test)}})))
(alia/execute s (update :counters
(set-columns :count [+ 0])
(where [[= :id 0]]))
(c/write-opts test)))))))
(invoke! [_ _ op]
(let [s (:session conn)]
(c/with-errors op #{:read}
(alia/execute s (use-keyspace :jepsen_keyspace))
(case (:f op)
:add (do (alia/execute s
(update :counters
(set-columns {:count [+ (:value op)]})
(where [[= :id 0]]))
(merge {:consistency :one
:retry-policy (retry/fallthrough-retry-policy)}
(c/write-opts test)))
(assoc op :type :ok))
:read (let [value (->> (alia/execute
(select :counters (where [[= :id 0]]))
; TODO: do we *really* want ALL ; here?
(merge {:consistency :all
:retry-policy (retry/fallthrough-retry-policy)}
(c/read-opts test)))
(assoc op :type :ok :value value))))))
(close! [_ _]
(c/close! conn))
(teardown! [_ _])
(reusable? [_ _] true))
(defn cql-counter-client
"A counter implemented using CQL counters"
([] (->CQLCounterClient (atom false) nil)))
(defn workload
"An increment-only counter workload."
{:client (cql-counter-client)
:generator (gen/mix [(repeat {:f :add, :value 1})
(repeat {:f :read})])
:checker (checker/counter)})