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(ns scylla.nemesis
"All kinds of failure modes for Scylla!"
(:require [clojure.pprint :refer [pprint]]
[ :refer [info warn]]
[clojure.set :as set]
[scylla [client :as client]
[db :as sdb]]
[slingshot.slingshot :refer [try+ throw+]]
[jepsen [control :as c]
[db :as db]
[generator :as gen]
[nemesis :as n]
[util :as util :refer [rand-nth-empty
[jepsen.nemesis [time :as nt]
[membership :as membership]
[combined :as nc]]))
; This code for periodically recovering isn't currently used, but might come in
; handy for exploring Scylla behavior going forward.
(defn ordered-soonest-op-map
"Takes a pair of maps wrapping operations. Each map has the following
:op An operation
:weight An optional integer weighting.
Returns whichever map has an operation which occurs sooner. If one map is
nil, the other happens sooner. If one map's op is :pending, the other happens
sooner. If one op has a lower :time, it happens sooner. If the two ops have
equal :times, prefers the first op."
[m1 m2]
(condp = nil
m1 m2
m2 m1
(let [op1 (:op m1)
op2 (:op m2)]
(condp = :pending
op1 m2
op2 m1
(let [t1 (:time op1)
t2 (:time op2)]
(if (< t2 t1)
(defrecord OrderedAny [gens]
(op [this test ctx]
(when-let [{:keys [op gen' i]}
(->> gens
(fn [i gen]
(when-let [[op gen'] (gen/op gen test ctx)]
{:op op
:gen' gen'
:i i})))
(reduce ordered-soonest-op-map nil))]
[op (OrderedAny. (assoc gens i gen'))]))
(update [this test ctx event]
(OrderedAny. (mapv (fn updater [gen]
(gen/update gen test ctx event))
(defn ordered-any
"Takes multiple generators and binds them together. Operations are taken from
any generator, preferring earlier over later. Updates are propagated to all
[& gens]
(condp = (count gens)
0 nil
1 (first gens)
(OrderedAny. (vec gens))))
(defn after-time
"Adjusts all operations from gen so that they execute no sooner than time t."
[gen t]
(gen/map (fn [op] (update op :time max t)) gen))
(defn after-times
"All ops from gen at start seconds, then start + dt seconds, then start + 2dt
seconds, etc."
[start dt gen]
(->> (iterate (partial + dt) start)
(map util/secs->nanos)
(map (partial after-time gen))))
(defn periodically-recover
"Takes a package and modifies its generator to periodically evaluate
(let [g (:generator pkg)
fg (:final-generator pkg)]
(assoc pkg :generator
(after-times 60 60
[(gen/log "Recovering...")
(gen/sleep 20)
(gen/log "Recovery done, back to mischief")])
(defn up?
"Is a given node map up?"
(= :up (:status node)))
(defn merge-views-of-node
"Merges several views of the same node map."
(assoc (reduce merge views)
:status (first (sort-by {:up 2
:down 1}
(map :status views)))
:state (first (sort-by {:normal 1
:moving 2
:leaving 3
:joining 4}
(map :state views)))))
(defn add-op
"Generates an add-node op for a membership state, if possible. The only nodes
we can add are those flagged as `free`."
(when-let [node (rand-nth-empty (seq (:free state)))]
{:type :info, :f :add-node, :value node}))
(def max-removed-nodes
"Try not to remove/wipe more than this many nodes at once."
(defn removed-or-free-nodes
"Returns the set of nodes which are known to be free or are in the process of
being removed or decommissioned."
(clojure.set/union (:free state)
(->> (:pending state)
(map first)
(filter (comp #{:remove-node} :f))
(map (comp :node :node :value))
(->> (:pending state)
(map first)
(filter (comp #{:decommission-node} :f))
(map :value)
(defn up-nodes
"Takes a state, and yields a collection of nodes which are part of the
cluster, and think they're up."
(for [[via node-view] (:node-views state)
node node-view
:when (and (= via (:node node))
(up? node)
(not (contains? (:free state) via)))]
(defn repair-op
"Generates a repair op for a membership state, if possible."
(when-let [n (rand-nth-empty (up-nodes state))]
{:type :info, :f :repair-node, :value n}))
(defn remove-op
"Generates a remove node op for a membership state, if possible."
;(info "state" (pprint-str state))
;(info "nv" (pprint-str (:node-views state)))
(when-let [v (rand-nth-empty
(for [[via node-view] (:node-views state)
node node-view]
(when ; We can only remove nodes `via` thinks are down
(and (not (up? node))
; And not nodes which are free. I'm not sure
; we actually want to prevent this, but I
; *think* it steers us into
; more-likely-to-succeed territory.
(not (contains? (:free state) (:node node)))
; Don't try to remove self.
(not= via (:node node))
; Don't remove if we've got too many nodes freed or
; being removed at once.
(< (count (removed-or-free-nodes state))
{:via via
:node (select-keys node [:node :id])})))]
{:type :info, :f :remove-node, :value v}))
(defn decommission-op
"Generates a decommission node op for a membership state, if possible."
; Don't remove too many nodes
(when (< (count (removed-or-free-nodes state))
(when-let [n (rand-nth-empty (up-nodes state))]
{:type :info
:f :decommission-node
:value n})))
(defn wipe-op
"Generates a wipe op for a membership state, if possible. We can issue a wipe
for any node which has a remove or decommission op pending. The idea is that
sometimes this will be politely sequenced after the remove/decom, and other
times, we'll nuke a node while it's only partway removed, but we'll generally
avoid nuking healthy nodes."
(let [pending (map first (:pending state))
nodes (concat (->> pending
(filter (comp #{:remove-node} :f))
(map (comp :node :node :value)))
(->> pending
(filter (comp #{:decommission-node} :f))
(map :value)))]
(when-let [node (rand-nth-empty nodes)]
{:type :info, :f :wipe-node, :value node})))
(defmacro with-nodetool-errors
"Evals body, converting nodetool errors to values like :conn-refused."
[& body]
`(try+ ~@body
(catch [:type :jepsen.control/nonzero-exit] e#
(condp re-find (:out e#)
#"Connection refused" :conn-refused
#"alive and owns this ID" :node-considered-alive
#"removenode is in progress" :remove-in-progress
#"Host ID not found" :host-id-not-found
#"failed to repair \d+ sub ranges" [:failed-to-repair-sub-ranges
(:out e#)]
#"Repair job has failed" :repair-failed
(throw+ e#)))))
; `free` is a set of nodes we've removed from the cluster and destroyed data
; on.
(defrecord MembershipState [db node-views view pending free faults]
(node-view [this test node]
; TODO: something is weird here. I think nodetool status might only return
; lines for SOME but not all of the cluster? Maybe? Maybe our parser is
; broken.
(try+ (map (fn [n] (select-keys n [:status :state :node :id]))
(sdb/nodetool-status test))
(catch [:exit 1] e
;(info e)
[{:node node, :status :down}])
(catch [:exit 2] e
;(info e)
[{:node node, :status :down}])
(catch [:exit 137] e
; Killed
[{:node node, :status :down}])))
(merge-views [this test]
; TODO: something more clever here, like preferring node's own view of
; themselves? Preferring up over down? We don't actually *use* the merged
; view that much, because we're hunting for subjectively down nodes for
; removal, so this isn't super critical yet.
(->> node-views
(mapcat val)
(group-by :node)
; Pick any representation of a given node.
(map merge-views-of-node)
(sort-by :node)))
(fs [this]
#{:add-node :remove-node :decommission-node :wipe-node
:repair-node :pass})
(op [this test]
(or (->> (concat (when (faults :remove)
[(remove-op this) (wipe-op this) (add-op this)])
(when (faults :decommission)
[(decommission-op this) (wipe-op this) (add-op this)])
(when (faults :repair)
[(repair-op this)]))
(remove nil?)
; Well this is awkward. We're wrapped in a gen/mix along with the
; kill, pause, and partition generators. We need them to run first so
; we can start removing nodes. But if we return :pending, we'll be
; *stuck* here indefinitely: gen/mix won't move onto anyone else,
; because it's deterministic. Later I'm gonna go patch that, but for
; now I'm on the clock, and these changes to jepsen's core are
; already extensive enough...
{:type :info, :f :pass}))
(invoke! [this test {:keys [f value] :as op}]
op :value
(case f
:pass :passed
(do (c/on-nodes test [value]
(fn [test node]
(db/start! db test node)))
[:added value])
(sdb/remove-node! test (:via value) (:node value)))
(with-nodetool-errors (sdb/decommission-node! test value))
(do (c/on-nodes test [value]
(fn [test node]
(sdb/wipe! db test node)
[:wiped value])
(with-nodetool-errors (sdb/repair-node! test value)))))
(resolve [this test]
(resolve-op [this test [op op']]
(case (:f op)
; Trivial
:pass this
; When we add a node, it's no longer free.
(update this :free disj (:value op))
; We're done removing a node once it's free, or if we know the remove
; definitely failed.
(when (or (#{:conn-refused
(:value op'))
(free (:node (:node (:value op)))))
; We're done decommissioning a node once it's free, or if we know the
; remove definitely failed.
(when (or (#{:conn-refused
(:value op'))
(free (:value op)))
; Once wiped, we can mark this node as free.
(update this :free conj (:value op))
; Repairs are immediately resolved.
(defn membership-package
"Constructs a membership nemesis package if (:faults opts) includes :members"
(let [opts (if (some #{:remove :decommission :repair} (:faults opts))
(update opts :faults conj :membership)
(when-let [pkg (-> opts
(assoc :membership {:state (map->MembershipState
{:db (:db opts)
:free #{}
:faults (:faults opts)})
:log-resolve-op? false
:log-resolve? true
:log-node-views? false
:log-view? false})
; At the end of the test, re-add everyone.
(assoc pkg
(fn final-gen [test ctx]
(info :nemesis (-> pkg :nemesis))
(when-let [node (->> pkg :nemesis :state deref
removed-or-free-nodes first)]
{:type :info, :f :add-node, :value node}))
:perf #{{:name "membership"
:fs #{:add-node
:color "#278B66"}}))))
(defn package
"Constructs a {:nemesis, :generator, :final-generator} map for the test.
:interval How long to wait between faults
:db The database we're going to manipulate.
:faults A set of faults, e.g. #{:kill, :pause, :partition}
:targets A map of options for each type of fault, e.g.
{:partition {:targets [:majorities-ring ...]}}"
(let [membership (membership-package opts)
pkg (->> (nc/nemesis-packages opts)
(concat [membership])
(remove nil?)
; Just for testing membership generator behavior--we create a partition to
; get things started, then let it remove/wipe, then rejoin.
;(assoc pkg :generator
; [(gen/once (fn [test ctx]
; {:type :info
; :f :start-partition
; :value (n/complete-grudge (split-at 1 (:nodes test)))}))
; (gen/limit 5 (:generator membership))
; (gen/once {:type :info, :f :stop-partition})
; (:generator membership)])