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(ns scylla.write-isolation
"This is a pair of workloads designed to verify a pair of Scylla claims from
> All updates for an INSERT are applied atomically and in isolation.
> In an UPDATE statement, all updates within the same partition key are
> applied atomically and in isolation.
> All updates in a BATCH belonging to a given partition key are performed in isolation.
To check this, we constrain our generator such that every update is an
update to the same set of keys; each update picks exactly one value. Since
updates are applied in isolation, we should never observe a mixed state.
We have two variants of this workload: one where keys are cells in a single
row, and one where keys are rows, updated via BATCH."
(:require [clojure.string :as str]
[ :refer [info]]
[jepsen [client :as client]
[checker :as checker]
[generator :as gen]
[util :as util]]
[knossos.op :as op]
[scylla [client :as c]
[wr-register :as wr-register]]
[qbits [alia :as a]
[hayt :as h]]))
(def key-range-size
"How many keys per range?"
(def num-key-ranges
"How many key ranges total?"
(defn key-range
"Returns a collection of keys for a read or write txn to operate on."
(let [lower (* (rand-int num-key-ranges) key-range-size)
upper (+ lower key-range-size)]
(shuffle (range lower upper))))
(defn same-write?
"Are all these values part of the same write?"
; Handle nils
(or (apply = values)
; Or negative/positive variants
(apply = (map #(Math/abs %) values))))
(defn writes
"Constructs txns like [[:w 0 1] [:w 1 -1] [:w 2 -1] [:w 3 1]]"
(->> (range)
(map (fn [v]
{:f :write
:value (mapv (fn [k]
(let [v (* v (rand-nth [1 -1]))]
[:w k v]))
(defn reads
"Constructs txns like [[:r 0 nil] [:r 1 nil] ...]"
(fn [] {:f :read
:value (mapv (fn [k] [:r k nil]) (key-range))}))
(defn generator
(gen/mix [(writes) (reads)]))
(defn checker
"Looks for successful reads where not every value is from the same write."
(reify checker/Checker
(check [_ test history opts]
(let [errs (->> history
(filter op/ok?)
(filter (comp #{:read} :f))
(keep (fn [op]
(when (not (same-write?
(map #(nth % 2) (:value op))))
{:valid? (empty? errs)
:error-count (count errs)
:errors errs}))))
(defn workload
{:client (wr-register/->Client nil)
:generator (generator)
:checker (checker)})
(defn single-row-workload
"This variant of the test uses a single row to store values."
(assoc (workload opts) :client (wr-register/->SingleRowClient nil)))
(defn single-write-generator
"We generate a write for a single key range, and interleave it with several
reads of that same key range, then move on to a new range."
(->> (iterate (partial + key-range-size) 0)
(mapcat (fn [lower]
(let [ks (range lower (+ lower key-range-size))
w {:f :write, :value (mapv (fn [k] [:w k 1]) ks)}
r {:f :read, :value (mapv (fn [k] [:r k nil]) ks)}]
[r r r r r w r r r r r r r r r r]))))) ; it's nicki minaj 🤪
(defn single-write-workload
"This variant writes each key range only once. Scylla theoretically
( might
allow reads to observe partly-applied batches, but some cursory testing
hasn't revealed that behavior yet."
(assoc (workload opts)
:generator (single-write-generator)))