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// CVFPassThru.m
// CVFunhouse
// Created by John Brewer on 7/22/12.
// Copyright (c) 2012 Jera Design LLC. All rights reserved.
#import "CVFPassThru.h"
@implementation CVFPassThru
* processIplImage
* Inputs:
* iplImage: an IplImage in BGRA format, 8 bits per pixel.
* YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CALLING cvReleaseImage on this image.
* Outputs:
* When you are done, call imageReady: with an RGB, RGBA, or grayscale
* IplImage with 8-bits per pixel.
* You can call imageReady: from any thread and it will do the right thing.
* You can fork as many threads to process the image as you like; just call
* imageReady when you are done.
* imageReady: will dispose of the IplImage you pass it once the system is
* done with it.
// We get an BGRA image at 8-bits per pixel, but we need an RGB image
// to pass to imageReady:, so we need to do a brief conversion.
// To do the conversion, first create an IplImage the same size...
IplImage *rgbImage = cvCreateImage(cvGetSize(iplImage), IPL_DEPTH_8U, 3);
// Call cvCvtColor to do the conversion
cvCvtColor(iplImage, rgbImage, CV_BGR2RGB);
// Release the original image or you will run out of memory very fast!
// Call imageReady with your new image.
[self imageReady:rgbImage];