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Documenting the design process

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Documenting the design process

The development process of ZenStates has been iterative and user-centered.

Documented steps so far include (links point to raw data):

  1. Initial requirements elicitation for the system, including informal conversations with two expert users: Chris Salter and Harry Smoak;

  2. Analysis of existing alternatives (procedure here; spreadsheet here);

  3. Interviews with expert users;

  4. Paper prototypes (here and here);

  5. Scenarios. First, two preliminary ones (1 - here and here; and 2 - here and here). Later, we also developed 90 unique scenarios to assess the potential of the tools in solving problems;

  6. Observing the compositional process of two new media works - The Other-self; & Cepheids;

  7. Functional prototypes (BT & HFSM, see history for different versions) with iterative user-interface refinement (here; here; here; here; here);

  8. Think-aloud protocol sections with novice and expert users (here; here; here; here).