A mashup of HTML5Boilerplate / Twitter Bootstrap with added goodies. An idea to improve workflow and prevent repetitive tasks.
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#PyroCMS Workless

##About PyroCMS Workless is a slimmed down version of iKreativ's Workless framework. It is a functioning PyroCMS theme and is designed to give designers a head start on theme creation. There are two things missing from this version that the original has: Adaptive Images and the Minifier. This is because I feel that neither one belongs in a PyroCMS theme but rather in asset handling within the core of PyroCMS.

##Use To use this theme simply download (or clone) the correct version (tag v1.0 for PyroCMS v1.3.2 and tag v2.0 for PyroCMS v2.0) and place the pyrocms_workless folder in your addons/default/themes folder. Go to CP > Design > Theme List and select this theme. Note: by default placeholder elements are shown and there is a top bar fixed at the top of the viewport. Both of these can be turned off by clicking on the Options button of this theme in the admin panel.

Several files are included in the theme but will need to be manually moved to the site root and modified if you wish to use them:

  • robots.txt
  • crossdomain.xml
  • .htaccess

##About the original ###Scott Parry from iKreativ says: When designing/developing a new application we all have our own way of doing things, using frameworks, grid systems, saved code snippets etc..., but what we usually have in common is the fact that we end up repeating lots of tasks for each project.

Workless aims to help you by offering a basic HTML5 base template filled with goodies to get you up and running on every project you do as quickly as possible.

At it's core Workless is simply a mashup of all the things I like about HTML5 Boilerplate and Twitter Bootstrap with some additional stuff which I tend to use on every project such as PrettyPhoto for lightboxes, Tipsy for tooltips, Prettify for styling and colorizing code and various other bits and pieces.

Workless comes with responsive media queries setup for 'Mobile Portrait', 'Mobile Landscape', 'Tablet Portrait', 'Tablet Landscape/Small Browser' and 'Large Browser', you can demo the effect right now by simply scaling your browser window. The blue button above the logo will show what query is running.

Remember, this isn't a 'Use this, its great!', it's simply a way I found to improve my workflow and cut down on repetitive tasks in every project. Feel free to use/abuse and hack into something that fits your workflow.