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Revision management for Django TextFields

This app provides a model field for Django called ``RcsTextField`` --
named after `Revision Constrol System`.

Currently this app implements Subversion, Git and Bazaar backends for 
versionizing the content of the field. Other backends are planned.

The `HEAD` revision always stays in the db for maximum performance.

Example Wiki app

An example usage of django-rcsfield is provided in the reuseable
wiki app ````, which also lives in this repository.

To try django-rcsfield with the wiki create an empty django project with:: startproject example
Edit example/ and add ``rcsfield`` and ```` to 

Still in the specify which backend you want to use for versionizing
the contents. The most simple solutions would be to start with the test-backend,
which just stores it's history in Ram. This means that everytime the runserver
reloads due to code changes all history is lost. To use the test-backend add::

    RCS_BACKEND = 'test'
to example/ Other options are:

* bazaar::

      RCS_BACKEND = 'bzr' # uses bzrlib
      BZR_WC_PATH = '/tmp/rcsfield-repo/' # where the repo should be created
* svn::

      RCS_BACKEND = 'svn' # uses pysvn
      SVN_ROOT = '' # how to reach the repo
      SVN_WC_PATH = '/tmp/rcsfield-repo/' # where to checkout the working-copy
* git::

      RCS_BACKEND = 'gitcore' # uses git-python
      GIT_REPO_PATH = '/tmp/rcsfield-repo/' # where the repo should be created

* mercurial::

      RCS_BACKEND = 'hg' # uses mercurial
      HG_REPO_PATH = '/tmp/rcsfield-repo/' # where the repo should be created
Edit example/ to include the wiki url-conf:

    urlpatterns = patterns('',
        (r'^wiki/', include('')),
Then run `` syncdb`` and `` runserver`` and start
using the wiki. Running ``syncdb`` will also make sure, that the repo is
set up for all uses Rcs-Fields used in the models.

Currently the Wiki requires a login to edit pages (and it will redirect you
to the edit-view of the index page if the wiki is empty), as no login-view
is bundled, please use contrib.admin to login and the start editing pages in
the wiki.

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