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Add method to create and access todo list database

Also provided some todo items and reasoning behind versioning the
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jeremiahmarks committed Apr 20, 2017
1 parent 2f1d04e commit 2dca0e5c322dd26ecf1b2b0b595cbe607c8e8a83
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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# @Author: Jeremiah
# @Date: 2017-04-19 20:51:58
# @Last Modified by: Jeremiah Marks
# @Last Modified time: 2017-04-19 22:41:54
# This module will provide various methods to interface with the database.
# There needs to be documentation somewhere, so I am taking the "how about here"
# approach.
# Basically I want to comment on the way that I am using user versions:
# Basically I am trying to use them to make the end application something
# That is highly portable and could skip versions
# Also it gave me a reason to write those get connection and get cursor methods.
# I feel like that is somewhere between super ugly and a good idea.
# TODO: use before update trigger to automatically set a last modified marker
# TODO: Explore creating change logs using after update. Useful for determining
# who keeps making that one change.
import sqlite3
# Per stackoverflow (Yeah, look, it is embarrassing that I said that)
# this is the best file extension for a sqlite3 file
# On one hand, writing this just means that I may be able to reduce some code
# If I change this from sqlite3
def get_connection():
return sqlite3.connect(FILE_NAME)
def get_cursor(connection):
return connection.cursor()
def get_connection_cursor():
#Because you need them both to close things.
connection = get_connection()
cursor = get_cursor(connection)
cursor.execute("PRAGMA user_version")
if cursor.fetchone()[0] == 0:
cursor.execute("PRAGMA user_version = 1")
return connection, cursor
def createTables(cursor):
# In case like me, you did not know, sqlite treats
# any column with the type INTEGER PRIMARY KEY as
# an alias to rowid. This means that there is a
# potential for primary key reuse, depending on layout.
# Depending on delete patterns, this could be bad.
# If you do use AutoIncrement
# though it will
cursor.execute("CREATE TABLE todo_items (" +
"id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, description text, " +
"created_date text, due_date text")

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