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v0.4.0 (06/29/2012)

  • add bin/statsd
  • Add CLI bash client example
  • documentation updates
  • bug fixing, sample_data and data got swapped in Perl client
  • fix sampling in the python client
  • added sum to all metrics and mean to the total
  • changed the way we calculate some metrics by using a cumulative sum as it is more efficient for multiple percentile thresholds
  • update README mentioning to preferably use ints as values
  • Allow multiple metrics to be passed in one UDP packet delimited by a newline character.
  • added console backend
  • reformat topkeys log to feature sane key/value pairs

v0.3.0 (05/16/2012)

  • support backends installed from npm
  • fix test suite failures

v0.2.1 (05/14/2012)

  • add graphite backend in debian packaging

v0.2.0 (05/04/2012)

  • support for pluggable backends

v0.1.1 (05/02/2012)

  • add gauges type
  • percentThreshold also accepts list of percentiles
  • base sampling on sampleRate
  • updates for debian packaging
  • client example updates

v0.1.0 (02/17/2012)

  • initial npm release
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