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This is a Zend Framework 2 Module.

AssetsCompiler is a tiny module which copies all files in each module's /public directory to the common ~/public/assets directory _which must be writable_.

So your module is ~/modules/MyModule 
Create ~/modules/MyModule/public and put .js, .css, .png, .mov, .cdr files in and organize externals by module.

You then continue to use the same /assets/ModuleName/file.ext to include files in a page.  Other asset modules
use this same schema and you may find them more useful than this during development but using this at the time 
of release will make your application sing.

An html page would reference such external as <img src="/assets/Application/logo.gif">

The assets pattern in ZF2 has been established as ~module/public and ~/public/assets and no further configuration of a ZF2 app derived from the skeleton is necessary.