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✈️ airplane-mode

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An easy-to-use http cache inspired by Runscope and in-flight WiFi


Provide an easy to set up http cache for offline development.

With airplane-mode you can cache any url (headers and response) easily so that when your internet connection isn't reliable you can still develop features.

Wait, but why?

Over the past few weeks I've spent quite a bit of time on airplanes. On my last trip, I wanted to write a bit of client-side d3 but because the page required an API response for the data, I was stuck with either paying for expensive (yet shitty) airplane internet or just not doing development. Those seemed like a bad set of options.

airplane-mode is a quick solution to that problem. Now I/you can easily cache a few responses you know you'll need for offline development and then not worry about connectivity.

Installation & usage

Run npm install -g airplane-mode

Once installed, just use the command airplane-mode to run. airplane-mode accepts a few flags

  • --clear-cache will clear the entire cache when the server starts
  • --cors will force every response to have Access-Control-Allow-Origin set to '*'
  • --port 3000 will set up the server at port 3000 if it is available

Now you can easily populate your cache, by prefixing all of the requests you want cached with

For example, if I wanted the JSON from to be available through the cache, I simply need to make a request to

The cache is persistent using LevelDB. You can reset the cache in two ways:

  1. DELETE will remove the matching entry
  2. DELETE will remove all entries
  3. airplane-mode --clear-cache will remove all entries and start the server

If you want to take a look at the current contents of the cache at anytime, just visit


an easy way to cache api responses for offline client-side development




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