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Remove specific binutils version recommendation in INSTALL file.

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1 parent 3b11189 commit 10be4851911a00cca422c173788bce9a13dbde8e @drepper drepper committed Oct 4, 2010
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@@ -317,11 +317,12 @@ build the GNU C library:
Check the FAQ for any special compiler issues on particular
- * GNU `binutils' 2.15 or later
+ * GNU `binutils'
You must use GNU `binutils' (as and ld) to build the GNU C library.
No other assembler or linker has the necessary functionality at the
- moment.
+ moment. The configure scripts checks for the appropriate version
+ for the platform. Too-old versions will prevent building glibc.
* GNU `texinfo' 3.12f
@@ -460,4 +461,3 @@ or the manual has a bug, so report the disagreement. If you find any
errors or omissions in this manual, please report them to the bug
database. If you refer to specific sections of the manual, please
include the section names for easier identification.

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