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Depend Update.
Makefile Remove the --experimental-malloc option
Versions * malloc/malloc.c (malloc_info): New function.
arena.c Replace divide and multiply with mask in sYSTRIm
hooks.c Restore locking in free_check.
malloc.c Remove doubled words.
malloc.h Mark malloc hook variables as deprecated
mallocbug.c update from main archive 961207
mcheck-init.c Update.
mcheck.c Handle large requests.
mcheck.h Update to LGPL v2.1.
memusage.c Fix wrap-around in memusage. Fix quoting in some installed shell scripts
memusagestat.c Fix spelling in memusagestat.c
morecore.c Moved to csu/errno-loc.c.
mtrace.c Update copyright year.
obstack.c [BZ #321]
obstack.h * stdlib/monetary.h: Uglify function parameter names.
set-freeres.c Update.
thread-freeres.c * malloc/thread-freeres.c: Conditionalize on _LIBC_REENTRANT.
tst-calloc.c Add tests for one or both parameters being zero.
tst-malloc.c * malloc/malloc.c (sYSMALLOc): Avoid infinite loop if MMAP
tst-mallocfork.c * malloc/tst-mallocfork.c (do_test): Make sure sa_flags is
tst-mallocstate.c Remove unwanted malloc changes, again.
tst-mcheck.c * elf/dl-close.c: Include stddef.h.
tst-mtrace.c Update to LGPL v2.1. [BZ #804]
tst-obstack.c Update.
tst-trim1.c * malloc/tst-trim1.c: New file.
tst-valloc.c Update.
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