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LibreOffice Online Alfresco Repository AMP module

This is an Alfresco Repository AMP module that adds WOPI host capabilities to Alfresco.
It does not implement the full WOPI protocol, merely the following endpoint interfaces:

  • CheckFileInfo
  • GetFile and
  • PutFile

This module was developed against Alfresco version 5.2.g.

Webapplication Open Platform Interface protocols

For information on WOPI, see for the list of WOPI endpoints.


First install LibreOfficeOnLine. (See for the latest installation instructions).

See for how to install this module in your Alfresco repository installation.

Add the following properties to your file:

JDK 8+

The page module evaluator requires JDK higher than or equal to version 8.

Go to and click on button "Download JDK".

There are installation instructions on that page as well. To verify that your installation was successful, run "java -version" on the command line. That should print the installed version of your JDK.


Submit pull a pull request. You're also welcome to fork the code for your own purpose(s).


This code is released and distributed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0:

Reporting problems

Every self-respecting developer should have read link on how to ask smart questions:

After you've done that you can create issues in


version 1.3.1

  • Ensure Versioning is Enabled on edited node (restoring old functionality)
  • Deprecate WOPITokenService, code was move to LOOLService
  • Move common webscript code to an abstract class (Duplication Code)
  • Use secure VersionService (Security)
  • Remove AuthenticationUtil.runAs, prefere AuthenticationUtil.push/popAuthentication
  • Check File Info: Check if PermissionService.WRITE, to node

version 1.3.0

  • Simply token cache mecanisme
  • Add ttl to token cache
  • Check Permission "READ" when creating token
  • Try to renew token when outdate (Prevent "Forbidden Error" after long inactivity)
  • Use secure NodeService in LOOLWPOITokenService (force check permission)
  • Permit to configure ttl token for testing

version 1.2.2

  • Add log to checkAccessToken

version 1.2.1

  • Fix bug that save empty version

version 1.2

  • Add implentation of X-LOOL-WOPI-Timestamp

version 1.1

  • Add compatibility with clustered environments
  • update to alfresco-sdk 2.2.0

version 1.0

  • Create lool:collaboraOnline aspect
  • webscript to add and remove lool:collaboraOnline aspect
  • Create lool:autosave property
  • webscript to clean history version

Features to consider

  • Support Save-As (TemplateSaveAs)
  • WOPI: added FollowUser_Changed notification
  • Support X-LOOL-WOPI-IsExitSave (libreoffice-
  • WOPI: Extend HideUserList to CheckFileInfo
  • insert remote image
  • file share functionality
  • document signing


LibreOffice Online module for Alfresco repository






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