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grails-app [Badge] i18n
lib [Cleanup&.gitignore] Remove target, target-eclipse from repository an…
src [Badge] i18n
test/unit/outofbounds [Tests] Fix tag tests since we use a different constant now.
web-app [User] add multiple choices for sorting the users in the list
wrapper [Fix] badge pagination
.travis.yml [Tests] Refactor tests (do not use assert but assertEquals/assertTrue…
LICENSE [Twitter&Google] Add assets and customLogin controller to enable twit…
TODO.txt [Tests] Updated tests and rename src/groovy/outOfBounds to src/groovy… [Config] Updated to grails 2.3.5 to avoid compilation errors
grailsw [Fix] remove forgotten import and update wrapper
grailsw.bat [Fix] remove forgotten import and update wrapper


Application demo is available on heroku.


  • Localization support (English & French versions).
  • Register and login to your account, with Google, Twitter or a custom username.
  • Submit questions, post answers, add comments...
  • Gain reputation with these actions and unlock badges!
  • Become a moderator and edit other's posts.
  • Continuous integration with travis available at
  • Demo application running on heroku.
  • Wiki for easy setup and more.
  • ... and more!


This software is available under Apache 2.0 License.

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