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Architect boilerplate

In my point of view, Architect is the best architecture that you can use for your Nodejs project. It is light, efficient and strongly build around Dependency Injection design pattern.

Sadly, Architect is really minimalist. So start with architect can consume a lot of time, developing low level modules like express integration, mongoose support, cors support, smart file upload... And, moreover, Architect is not really testable.

This project is actually at a start point with few features. I will work on it soon.

Library used

Architect (by Cloud9) : Plugins loader
ExpressJs : Routing, http server...
PassportJs : Authentification

You can obtain more informations on :


Install mongodb
Run it on default port

npm install  
node server.js  

Load localhost:8080 in browser

How it works

Architect loads all plugins module referencing and configuring in config.js file.

  • Plugin http-app provides http interface for routing. Currently it uses ExpressJs behind.
  • Plugin http-static serves statics ressources locate in www folder.
  • Plugin mongoose-connect connects mongoose to mongodb database and loads automaticly all models from other plugins. Models loaded are referenced through mongoose provider.


See documentation of code in docs folder

To generate the code documentation, go to the root of project and exec the folowing bash command

find . -path "./node_modules*" -prune -o -name '*.js' -exec docco {} +  

Work to do

// Todo : Handling errors
// Todo : Improve Readme and documentation
// Todo : Add new modules
// Todo : Add functionnal and integration testing
// Todo : Add Codeship and Codacy


Nodejs boilerplate using architect, expressJs and passportJs.



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