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  • Add the package "pipeline" (or another name) in witch parts of the "ui" package will migrate
  • Improve the Makefile. see: python3 --help-commands. Among the interesting options:
    • python3 clean --help
    • python3 install_data --help
    • python3 bdist_rpm --help
    • python3 bdist_wininst --help
    • python3 check --help
    • python3 upload --help
    • python3 develop --help
    • python3 dist_info --help
    • python3 saveopts --help
    • python3 test --help
    • python3 upload_docs --help
    • python3 ptr --help
    • python3 pytest --help
  • Finish the refactoring from the former "datapipe" project
    • grep -ri denoising .
    • grep -r wavelets_mrfilter .
    • grep -r wavelets_mrtransform .
    • grep -r abstract_cleaning_algorithm .
    • grep -ri cta pywi docs
    • grep -ri fits pywi docs
    • grep -ri geom pywi docs
    • grep -ri event pywi docs
    • grep -ri kill pywi docs (warning: it requires to update pywi-cta too)
    • grep -ri tel pywi docs
    • grep -ri pe pywi docs
    • grep -ri tailcut pywi docs
  • Make a conda package for Linux, MacOSX and Windows + update the installation instructions
  • Fix the unittests
  • Use Travis CI for continuous integration
  • Use AppVeyor ( for continuous integration on Windows systems (see and