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#import "ZMQContext.h"
@interface ZMQSocket (ZMQContextIsFriend)
- (id)initWithContext:(ZMQContext *)context type:(ZMQSocketType)type;
@interface ZMQContext ()
@property(readonly) void *context;
@property(readwrite, getter=isTerminated, NS_NONATOMIC_IPHONEONLY)
BOOL terminated;
@implementation ZMQContext
+ (void)getZMQVersionMajor:(int *)major minor:(int *)minor patch:(int *)patch {
(void)zmq_version(major, minor, patch);
- (id)initWithIOThreads:(NSUInteger)threadCount {
self = [super init];
if (!self) return nil;
context = zmq_init(threadCount);
if (!context) {
NSLog(@"%s: *** Error creating ZMQContext: zmq_init: %s",
__func__, zmq_strerror(zmq_errno()));
[self release];
return nil;
sockets = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];
return self;
@synthesize context;
- (void)dealloc {
[self terminate];
context = NULL;
[sockets release], sockets = nil;
[super dealloc];
@synthesize sockets;
- (ZMQSocket *)socketWithType:(ZMQSocketType)type {
ZMQSocket *
socket = [[[ZMQSocket alloc] initWithContext:self type:type] autorelease];
if (socket) {
[(NSMutableArray *)self.sockets addObject:socket];
return socket;
@synthesize terminated;
- (void)terminate {
self.terminated = YES;
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