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#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import <zmq.h>
@class ZMQContext;
typedef int ZMQSocketType;
typedef int ZMQSocketOption;
typedef int ZMQMessageSendFlags;
typedef int ZMQMessageReceiveFlags;
@interface ZMQSocket : NSObject {
void *socket;
ZMQContext *context; // not retained
ZMQSocketType type;
BOOL closed;
// Create a socket using -[ZMQContext socketWithType:].
@property(readonly, assign, NS_NONATOMIC_IPHONEONLY) ZMQContext *context;
@property(readonly, NS_NONATOMIC_IPHONEONLY) ZMQSocketType type;
- (void)close;
// KVOable.
@property(readonly, getter=isClosed, NS_NONATOMIC_IPHONEONLY) BOOL closed;
#pragma mark Socket Options
- (BOOL)setData:(NSData *)data forOption:(ZMQSocketOption)option;
- (NSData *)dataForOption:(ZMQSocketOption)option;
#pragma mark Endpoint Configuration
- (BOOL)bindToEndpoint:(NSString *)endpoint;
- (BOOL)connectToEndpoint:(NSString *)endpoint;
#pragma mark Communication
- (BOOL)sendData:(NSData *)messageData withFlags:(ZMQMessageSendFlags)flags;
- (NSData *)receiveDataWithFlags:(ZMQMessageReceiveFlags)flags;
#pragma mark Polling
- (void)getPollItem:(zmq_pollitem_t *)outItem forEvents:(short)events;
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