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Redminer is a commandline interface to the Redmine API. The Redmine API is limited in scope, and so is this tool.


I needed an easy way to post time entries to Redmine.

Why Not

Redminer is held together with spit and baling wire. It works for me, but I don't like it. I recommend against adopting it at this time.

Nevertheless, if you're looking for a commandline interface to Redmine, here you go.


  • List recent time entries
  • Search back a bit to find recent time entries owned by you
  • Add a new time entry
  • List your user info
  • List projects
  • List issues
  • Fetch issue by id -- useful for making sure you've got the right id when you go to add time to it.


Redminer depends on the OS X keychain for storage of your login info, and on your sufferance for its continued existence. It begs a thousand pardons that it should be so ugly and yet live.


Add a new Internet password named "redmine" with the correct host. Add "api: <yourkey>" to the comments field.


  • Choose File > New Password, or just hit Cmd-N.

    • First field is the web address of your Redmine host (include the http:// or https:// part).
    • Second field is your Redmine username.
    • Third field is your Redmine account password.
    • Now add the password entry to the Keychain using the button in the lower right.
  • Now double-click to edit the password:

    • Change the name to just "redmine".
    • In the Comments field, put "api: 1234…abcd", replacing the part after "api: " with your API key.


  • Non-fugly user interface. (YAML hash dump? Really?)
  • An actual user interface supporting flags and some flexibility, not one that barely works.
  • Custom printers for issues and such. Leave dumping the whole object tree to --debug or something like that.
  • Maybe expose some more of the Redmine API. Maybe.
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