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v0.7.6 Bugfixes.
v0.7.5 Another packaging error.
v0.7.4 Fix thrift_client dependency
v0.7.3 New Cassandra::Mock - a pure ruby mock of cassanra; bugfixes.
v0.7.2 Switch to newly-extraced simple_uuid gem, minor bugfixes.
v0.7.1 update thrift-generated code to 0.5
v0.7 Various improvements.
- Compatibility with Cassandra 0.5.
- performance improvements
v0.6. Use thrift_client gem.
v0.5.6.2. Release process was busted.
v0.5.6. Real multiget.
v0.5.5. to_guid for Long. Don't continually re-checkout the Git mirror. Use curl instead of wget, sigh. Use new unified insert API.
v0.5.4. Use wget instead of curl.
v0.5.3. Update Multiblog sample schema.
v0.5.2. Update server version so CommitLog replay is fixed.
v0.5.1. Add bin/cassandra_helper script, to build and start the server for you. Improve build error reporting.
v0.5. More API changes. Working temporal comparators.
v0.4. Use new comparator API. Namespace Thrift bindings; rename gem and class to Cassandra. Make tokens and limits actually work. Retry UnavailableExceptions.
v0.3. Use new Thrift API.
v0.2.2. Use nil for empty byte array, not empty string. Improves API.
v0.2.1. Don't write serialization overhead on nulls.
v0.2. Re-factor table vs. column family interface per discussion with jbellis.
v0.1. First release.
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