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Updated release notes to include later commit for 0.9.5.

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1 parent 93cad01 commit 16def148bc0ce7ee391df9d1386321189bd6ac09 @floehopper floehopper committed Feb 1, 2009
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-= 0.9.5 (5615d965463451cf75d6f05616a514f46798f2ff)
+= 0.9.5 (93cad010345ce5d68f31422cfc32ed9dd6de13ec)
* Fixed Lighthouse bug #32 - stub_everything should mean mock responds to anything.
* Added Expectation#twice to improve readability. Tthanks to pull request from Celestino Gomes.
* In Ruby 1.9, requiring 'test/unit' loads a thin wrapper around MiniTest and Test::Unit::TestCase ends up inheriting from MiniTest::Unit::TestCase. So we need to avoid including the Mocha modules more than once to avoid nasty consequences. Thanks to Matthias Hennemeyer for help with this.

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