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Added commit number for release 0.9.3.

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1 parent b286ee0 commit 8219bb2d2881c8529c93fc21e97a11d01203c759 @floehopper floehopper committed Nov 27, 2008
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-= 0.9.3
+= 0.9.3 (b286ee0f4a4581c1944260f20ba1bfd9b913397f)
* Added support for MiniTest thanks to sprsquish.
* Fixed a possible bug with some of the non-default Configuration options relating to the argument to Object#respond_to?
* As per Jay Fields recommendations [1] and with further impetus from a talk at Ruby Manor, any methods added to core classes are now added by including a module. This means that Mocha is a better citizen of the Ruby world and it's behaviour is more easily extended. [1] &

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