Mocha is a mocking & stubbing library for Ruby
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= Mocha

Mocha is a library for mocking and stubbing using a syntax like that of JMock[].

It can be used with many testing frameworks e.g. Test::Unit[], RSpec[], test/spec[], expectations[], Dust[], MiniTest[] and even JtestR[].

Mocha provides a unified, simple and readable syntax for both traditional mocking and partial mocking.

Mocha was harvested from projects at Reevoo[] by me (James[]) and my (then) colleagues Ben[], Chris[] and Paul[].

== Download and Installation

Install the gem with the following command...

  $ gem install mocha
Or install the Rails[] plugin...

  $ script/plugin install git://

Or download Mocha...

== Examples

* Quick Start - {Usage Examples}[link:examples/misc.html]
* Traditional mocking - {Star Trek Example}[link:examples/mocha.html]
* Setting expectations on real classes - {Order Example}[link:examples/stubba.html]
* More examples on {Floehopper's Blog}[]
* {Mailing List Archives}[]

== License

Copyright Revieworld Ltd. 2006

You may use, copy and redistribute this library under the same terms as {Ruby itself}[] or under the {MIT license}[].