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Keep tabs on expensive Ruby garbage collection. Support for NewRelic RPM and Rack.

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Trashed keeps an eye on what you throw out for garbage collection.
Measure object allocations, heap growth, and garbage collection time.

Provides a Rack middleware to log per-request piggishness as well as
periodic samplers for NewRelic's Rails Performance Monitor.

You can also mix and match the Metrics to rig up your own resource
monitors or provide new Metrics to sample with NewRelic.

Trashed requires Ruby Enterprise Edition (REE) or a patched Ruby 1.8.
See for patches.

== Using the NewRelic samplers with Rails

In an initializer such as config/initializers/newrelic.rb:

  if GC.respond_to?(:enable_stats)
    require 'trashed/newrelic/enable'

== Using the Rack logger with Rails

  config.middleware.use Trashed::Rack::RequestLogger, Rails.logger, Trashed::Metrics.available
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