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An AJAX wrapper for the REST API
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What is it?

It's a super light-weight AJAX wrapper for's wonderful database service.

Why did you build it?

I wanted a stupid-easy data store that I could use strictly from the client. No server needed! One can simply write a thick front end application or app prototype and serve it from the file protocol or through a Chrome extension.

Prototyping love.

Of course having your authentication key sitting in your JS code is sort of a no-no. However, for writing applications where you are focusing your effort first on the front end this is a great tool.

  • No Schema! Just fire a $ & forget it. If the collection hasn't been created already it will be instantiated.

  • Super simple... just $.parse.get/post/put/delete

More to come....

  • Backbone / Spine sync extension
  • Working on one for MongoHQ
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