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  • 1.0.0-alpha2

    • Added create-project command to install a project from scratch with composer
    • Added automated classmap autoloading support for non-PSR-0 compliant projects
    • Added human readable error reporting when deps can not be solved
    • Added support for private GitHub and SVN repositories (use --no-interaction for CI)
    • Added "file" downloader type to download plain files
    • Added support for authentication with svn repositories
    • Improved clones from GitHub which now automatically select between git/https/http protocols
    • Improved validate command to give more feedback
    • Improved the search & show commands output
    • Removed dependency on filter_var
    • Various robustness & error handling improvements, docs fixes and more
  • 1.0.0-alpha1 (2012-03-01)

    • Initial release